Solution Highlight: MCM Integration

The Genesis – MCM integration enables Genesis customers to use the the MCM CommShop 360 Asset Management Solution as the single point of entry to provision subscribers all the way through to the switch. This provides users with the ability to provision radios directly from the MCM Application. With it, users can enable/disable voice and data per master ID, assign and change master IDs, edit the alias and much more. The Radio Sync Interface connects GenWatch3® to the MCM application to allow the radio specific information from the radio system to be shared with the MCM database. For more information, please contact or

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Genesis Gives Back: National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 8th – 14th, 2018)

We were honored to recognize our customers, or as we like to call them the heroes with headsets, during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. We are incredibly grateful for the numerous sacrifices they make to be the heroes behind the scenes and the calm voice on the line during the worst of times. We were excited to be able to celebrate with some of these heroes during our travels throughout that week!

Tips & Tricks: Site Statistics

Did you know that within the Channel display you can see site statistics? Simply right-click on the site within the channel display to see all of the most relevant statistics! This enables network administrators to monitor and proactively manage their radio system with quick at-a-glance verification that everything is operating as expected.

Travel Log: GW3-TRBO Training

We hosted a GW3-TRBO training session at Genesis Headquarters in Tyler, TX during the middle of April. It was fun to dig deep into all things GW3. For details and registration for the next GW3-TRBO session please email To close-out April, we presented at the Northwest Motorola Trunked User Group Meeting in Portland, Oregon. It’s always a great time seeing our channel partners and customers. GenWatch3 monitors and proactively manages Motorola LMR systems by simplifying reporting, saving time and validating decisions. PULSE enhances CADs so that our customers can save time, money, property, and lives by simplifying dispatching, validating the decisions being made in and out of the field, and allowing users to truly see everything. It’s always a great time seeing our channel partners and customers.

Testimonials: GW3-TRBO Customer

“We have found immense value in using GW3-TRBO® to identify rogue and stolen radios that have appeared on our MOTOTRBO™ carrier system. GW3-TRBO gave us the ability to identify and disable these radios, and within a matter of 24 hours we had our stolen radios returned and lost revenue recovered. Our private system MOTOTRBO customers have found value in using GW3-TRBO to identify radios that weren’t being utilized on the system. This enabled them to re-allocate these resources to departments that needed them, saving them money.”

— Systems Engineer, Mobile Communications of America

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