Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface

A time and labor-saving solution for MCC 7500 Dispatch Console users


Local Patching

  • Pre-define up to 16 patch groups for easy one-click activation of common patches.
  • Link a multi-select, and automatically have a matching multi-select group activated for patches.
  • Setup an emergency on All-Patch members with one click.

Centralized Patching

Create unlimited, predefined, permanent patches on a Centralized Patch Server for lightning fast access. Patches can be accessed, edited, merged and unmerged from any console.











Emergency Handling

GADI maximizes efficiency by providing a centralized location to manage emergency alarms with just a few mouse clicks.

Centralized Emergencies

GADI provides a centralized location to manage and view all emergencies.

Unattended Emergencies

If an emergency call is initiated by a unit on an unmonitored talkgroup, it may go unanswered. GADI monitors every emergency call, even those on a talkgroup not currently monitored by a console position. Once an unattended emergency is identified, GADI notifies configured consoles, giving dispatchers the ability to acknowledge and dynamically assign the resource for handling.












The MCC 7500 restricts users to three defined Multi-Select groups. GADI expands its capability, providing the ability to pre-define, configure, and manage unlimited Multi-Select groups, each enabled/disabled with a single click. Pre-7.15 systems are limited to three simultaneous Multi-Selects — 7.15 systems (and later) may do up to 16.











Activity Log

The GADI Activity Log mirrors the features of the MCC 7500 console's activity log, while adding the ability to pre-filter by Radio ID, or by selected activity on demand.











Layout Options

Each GADI module is contained within its own tab and can be resized as well as docked and undocked with other modules within the SideCore Client window.