Motorola Sold & Certified Performance Management Solution
for ASTRO 25 and Dimetra Two-Way Communications Networks


GenWatch3® combines power and innovation to provide the tools necessary to monitor, manage and report on ASTRO® 25 and Dimetra two-way communications networks. GenWatch3 gathers information from multiple connection points and provides at-a-glance views of network performance from every angle from system-wide down to the subscriber level.


  • GenWatch3 manages communication between Motorola interfaces, such as CADI, UNS/MUPS, and the multiple agencies that share a single system
  • When there are critical system events, alerts are sent in level of priority to the people who need the information the most
    • SNMP
    • Audio-visual alerts
    • Text messages
  • Comprehensive billing and customer management module simplifies administration of multiple commercial or public safety agencies
  • Key Performance Indicators display real-time WACN, system, zone, and site activity on calls, busies, connections, and peak usage in user-defined intervals


  • Every packet of data received from the ASTRO 25 network is decoded, sorted, and stored in MS SQL databases for multiple years without any loss of detail
  • Reports offer in-depth forensic analysis of archived system activity
  • Trend system utilization for resource planning
  • Usage reporting for cost allocation
  • Reports are flexible and may be modified and saved to create custom variations


GenWatch3® empowers system administrators to monitor, manage, and report on Motorola voice and data systems for commercial, private and public safety agencies. One integrated tool pulls together all system-wide data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and comprehensive analysis.