ATIA Forwarder

Send ATIA wherever it is needed

Data In – Data Out – No Data Loss

The Genesis ATIA Forwarder enhancement receives data from the ASTRO® 25 Core, then sends it unchanged to multiple destinations within and outside the Customer Enterprise Network (CEN). The ATIA Forwarder is a reliable, hands-off solution that not only forwards raw ATIA data, but remains running as a background service. As long as the host PC is on, the ATIA Forwarder is up and active. Even in the event of an outage, the service will automatically re-start once the computer reboots. It is useful in helping eliminate wasted time and preventing lost data.


  • Connects to the ATR for the ATIA stream — resides on the CEN
  • Forwards unfiltered, unchanged, native ATIA to multiple destinations
  • Can be daisy-chained with other ATIA Forwarders or Genesis CMAF filters
  • Runs as a stable Windows service
  • Can be deployed on existing Genesis hardware

ATIA Data Sent Where You Want It

The ATIA Forwarder Enhancement receives pure ATIA data via UDP and sends it unaltered via TCP/IP to 10 or more destinations, such as:

  • SQL databases
  • CAD consoles
  • Voice recorders
  • Data loggers
  • Accounting/billing systems
  • Custom application and other dispatch solutions
  • Additional Genesis solutions/enhancements