ATIA Replay

Like a DVR for a two-way communications network

Import Data for Playback

GenWatch3® empowers system administrators to monitor, manage, and report on system traffic from sources such as ATIA, IV&D and Enhanced Data, GPS (IMW), SNMP, and UEM. GenWatch3 then distributes data to desired destinations, including SQL databases. ATIA Replay makes it possible to revisit chosen moments in time, as selected from data sets in the SQL database.

Intuitive Playback Interface

Familiar controls, such as play, pause, rewind and fast-forward give the user complete control of data playback. Looping data in ATIA Replay is simply a matter of choosing a start and end time. Action can also be sped up or slowed down, if needed.

Display Data Clearly with Genesis Tools

GenWatch3 is the industry-standard solution for monitoring, managing, and displaying system activity. ATIA Replay lets you revisit activity, exactly as it happened, using custom-filtered views in the GenWatch3 Activity and Channel screens. Data may also be replayed using SkyView, which provides a geospatial view of activity in an entire network.


ATIA Replay provides a look back to specific moments in time. Rewind, fast-forward, loop, pause, speed up, or slow down the action!