Event Geographic Locator

EGLView maximizes the sophisticated mapping power of Google™ Earth to perform useful visual enhancements, such as panning, tilting and zooming. Graphical representations of tower sites (Unified Event Manager) or subscriber units (Motorola Outdoor Locator System/UNS) appear according to their geophysical location on the map. More than simple eye candy, EGLView provides valuable at-a-glance information to control rooms and network operations centers.

EGLView adds another dynamic layer to Google Earth, enhancing its existing display of live atmospheric conditions, such as rainfall, hail and lightning strikes, weather forecasts, as well as traffic and other information…all from one user interface.

EGLView combines tower status messages with Google Earth features, such as weather or traffic conditions. In the Genesis UEM Enhancement, EGLView will show how all sites are affected when a storm is brewing. Each icon represents a tower site. Colors (green, yellow, red) represent the current status of each location. Clicking on an icon will expand a tree view which provides more detailed information on a site.

  • A hurricane has just hit the coast, causing high winds, torrential rain and flooding. While Google Earth aids in tracking the weather patterns, EGLView adds a layer of live status updates to the live map interface.
  • EGLView provides a view of multiple sites or networks separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. From a single location, EGLView helps operators self-diagnose site issues before they become maintenance problems. This reduces the need for on-site technician visits and provides visibility on system performance and usage from a centralized location.