Detailed analysis on Motorola IV&D and Enhanced Data for ASTRO 25 and Dimetra

GenWatch3 can be enhanced by adding data inputs for Monitoring, Management and Reporting. GenWatch3 receives and archives GGSN feeds from Motorola’s IV&D and Enhanced Data networks to provide in-depth, forensic reporting and analysis.

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GenWatch3 reports on data and usage on IV&D and Enhanced Data networks. Reported elements include:

All IV&D and Enhanced Data Activity

  • Data filterable by date/time/ID/site
  • Data Load Per Site

    • Identify an unbalanced data load
    • Data Use Per ID

      • Create a user report from data parameters
      • Data Load Per System

        • Total data to and from the GGSN over time

        Number of Users Per System

        • Number of users on the system over time

        Number of Users Per Site

        • Number of users per site over time

        “With Genesis, we are now able to create complicated multi-variable reports that tell us how efficiently we are operating. This can be done with just a few keystrokes.”

Genesis connects to the ATIA and GGSN at the Reader. Data is filtered through the DataProc, and then is stored in the database.

Data flow diagram

Connecting to IV&D and Enhanced Data with GenWatch3

Connectivity is facilitated through GenWatch3-ATIA and a GGSN connection.

Points to Ponder

  • Configuration of the GGSN is needed in the field to activate Charging Gateway. GGSN output and ATIA must be routed to Genesis hardware.
  • Solution can operate on up to 7 Zones, simultaneously
  • GenWatch3-ATIA redundancy is supported (optionally)
  • DDR is supported (optionally).