GenWatch3 Location Services

Monitor, manage, archive & report on the ASTRO® 25 Location Tracking Solution


GenWatch3 Location Services extends the functionality of the Motorola ASTRO® 25 Location Tracking Solution. It displays the GPS locations of subscriber units, as reported by Motorola’s Intelligent Middleware. But that is only the tip of the iceberg!

GenWatch3 Location Services captures and archives location information on subscribers for live views and reporting.

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Live Map Views

The map displays GPS-enabled units across the entire network, or it can be filtered by agency, talkgroup…on down to specific subscribers.

Customers can choose which map they would like to use for the map interface:

  • Genesis Open Tile Server — included in the solution and does not require Internet connectivity. The tile server uses included OpenStreetMap or can be pointed towards an agency’s own ESRI or ArcGIS tiles.
  • Google Maps — requires a Google API Key and an Internet connection

Unit Tracking Simplified

Clicking a unit’s marker activates a callout that displays its latest timestamp, subscriber information, and last reported location. A color-coded legend indicates how much time has passed since a radio’s location was updated.

The Historic Breadcrumbs Report takes the guesswork out of a unit’s geolocation over time. GenWatch3 Location Services provides many configuration options, such as custom map layers, time settings, emergency call behavior, and color-coding.

Never Miss An Emergency

GenWatch3 Location Services shows and tracks emergencies received via the Motorola IMW and ATIA stream. A flashing alarm makes users aware of the emergency and highlights its location on the map. While the alert is active, the map will continuously center over the unit until the user clears the emergency from the map, or a configurable timer expires. If more than one emergency is active, the map will move and resize as needed so all emergencies remain visible on the screen.

Kick It Into High Gear

Users can initiate an Immediate Location Request as well as a cadence change, which will constantly update a unit’s location every few seconds. Alternatively, it can provide updates over distance traveled. The cadence changes will automatically clear after a configurable time period.

To Share Or Not To Share…

Member agencies benefit from GenWatch3 Location Services: Administrators can configure each agency’s view. Each agency can be given unique login credentials with restrictions and filters placed on subscribers, talkgroups and sites.

Specific radios can be exempted (blacklisted) from ever displaying location unless they are in emergency status.

To learn more about GenWatch3 Location Services for Motorola IMW, contact Genesis.