UEM Enhancement

Detailed analysis on the Motorola Unified Event Manager for ASTRO 25

The Genesis UEM Enhancement views the health of a system’s hardware, then analyzes trends that might not be evident with the snapshot view from the ASTRO® 25 Unified Event Manager. It receives UEM traps through a connection to the North Bound Interface and archives every scrap of data into MS SQL databases for as long as desired.

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Reports are filterable by criteria such as date/time, IP addresses, devices, severity and more. The Genesis UEM Enhancement comes with a set of six standard reports:

UEM Alarm States

  • Report on the current state of every piece of UEM-monitored equipment over a specified reporting period

UEM Alarm Summary

  • Summary of alarms by category (e.g., Communication, Equipment, QoS) and by Severity (e.g., Info, CommFailure, Minor, Major, Warning, Critical, Clear, Unknown) over a specified reporting period. Several charts are embedded in the report to summarize the by Category, Severity or both.

UEM All Alarms

  • Information on all alarms reported on the UEM over a specified reporting period

UEM All Events

  • Details on all events reported on the UEM over a specified reporting period. Report is not limited to the 10,000 line view of the UEM.

UEM Hourly Alarms

  • Summary of Alarm severity reported on the UEM over a specified reporting period

SNMP All Events

  • Details on all SNMP events reported on the UEM over a specified reporting period

The following devices report hardware problems to the UEM:

  • Archiving Interface Server
  • Comparators
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • ISSI.1 Gateway Module
  • Network Management Server
  • NiceLog™ High Density Logger
  • Site Controllers
  • Terminal Servers
  • Site Link Relay Module
  • Base Radios
  • Switches
  • Motorola Gold Elite Gateway
  • Packet Data Gateway
  • Routers
  • SmartX Site Converter
  • Voice Processor Module

The following devices are located in virtual containers of the Generic Application Server (GAS) and faults are reported through a GAS UEM Alarm:

  • Air Traffic Router
  • Unified Network Configurator
  • Zone Controller
  • Zone Statistics Server
  • Unified Event Manager
  • User Configuration Server
  • Zone Database Server


Visual enhancement to the Genesis UEM solution

EGLView maximizes the sophisticated mapping power of Google™ Earth to provide a powerful yet cost-effective visual enhancement to the Genesis UEM solution. Graphical representations of tower sites appear according to their geophysical locations on the map. More than simple eye candy, EGLView provides valuable at-a-glance information to control rooms and network operations centers.

EGLView adds another dynamic layer to Google Earth, enhancing its existing display of live atmospheric conditions, such as rainfall, hail and lightning strikes, weather forecasts, and other information…all from one user interface. Clicking on an EGLView icon provides more detailed information on a tower site.