Genesis Welcomes Two Aarons

2 Aarons!Aaron Yeager (L) recently earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics from UT Tyler. In his two years as a graduate student, he was a teacher at the university. Before that, Aaron was a calculus tutor, and a pharmacy tech at ETMC. He is married to his lovely wife of 6 years, Sarah, and in his spare time "weirds people out" by enjoying books about math. As far as we know, Aaron is not an alien being from another galaxy visiting Earth to steal our brains.

Aaron Loftis (R) graduated high school from New Diana and went off to see the world. He served 6 years, and 2 tours in Afghanistan with the US Army as a communications expert and came home with more than a few stories. A self-proclaimed guru in matters pop culture and sports trivia, Aaron is an avid fan of football, baseball, and NASCAR. He is a father of three and would tell you that he is pretty boring. We tend to disagree. Like all of our veterans, we are grateful for his sacrifice and bravery serving our country.