New Leadership Roles Announced at Genesis

The Genesis Group is pleased to announce two advancements in leadership in our development team. Marcus Carey has been promoted to Development Team Leader, and Kirby Hearn will be taking on a new role as DevOps.

Kirby Hearn — DevOps

Kirby Hearn started at Genesis in 2006 as a programmer on the GenWatch3 team. In 2013, he became the iVista team lead, which also included EGLView and SkyViewII. As full-time DevOPS, Kirby’s customers are now the programmers and testers at Genesis.  He will be creating the tools they need to deliver new and updated products to market.
“After attending UT Tyler, I was hoping to find a local workplace where I could put the skills I learned to good use.  What I found in the Genesis Group was that and more – a company supplying important software to the world, that encourages employees both professionally and personally.  A decade later, the Genesis Group continues to provide a challenging and rewarding career.” Kirby enjoys a number of community initiatives with Genesis Gives Back, including backpack building at the East Texas Food Bank, and has participated in every Adopt-a-Highway street cleanup day Genesis has held, making him the perfect attendance leader.

Marcus Carey — Development Team Leader

Since his day one at Genesis, Marcus Carey has served as an invaluable asset on the iVista team as a Web Developer and helped transform iVista into the modern web application it is today. Regarding his experience at Genesis, Marcus says “I am humbled and grateful for the trust and opportunity given to me to lead the iVista team, and I am excited for the innovations we have ahead of us. I am also very blessed to be a part of the Genesis family; I work with great guys, and have enjoyed working under Kirby, who is a smart and respectable leader and coworker. I know that as I succeed in my position here, that I am also helping Genesis as a whole succeed, and I look forward to what the future has to bring for all of us here at Genesis.”