Genesis On Demand – The Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy

Genesis On Demand

The Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Location Services

Location Services

GenWatch3 Location Services is a powerful enhancement to GenWatch3-ATIA that tracks GPS-enabled radios on an ASTRO 25 system. In this latest installment of our Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy, we give a quick overview of the enhancement and some exciting new features!

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Access Types

FDMA/TDMA Access Types

For those who are in the process of migrating to TDMA, or have already made the switch, you’ll want to tune in for this latest GenWatch3 ATIA feature. Genesis will now display the access type of the radios utilizing the system. This FDMA/TDMA Access Type feature is visible within GenWatch3 iVISTA Reports, Site Drill Down, and Dashboards. If you have the GenWatch3 Location Service Enhancement, you will also be able to color subscribers by Access Type on the iVISTA Map. These new features will make it quick and simple to identify which radios are still operating in FDMA on your system.

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Simulcast & ESRI

Simulcast & ESRI

If you have Simulcast Sites, the GenWatch3 iVISTA map now displays unique icons for sites that are simulcast. You can now import Esri or ArcGIS layers to the GenWatch3 iVISTA map! This provides an opportunity to further utilize these GIS investments and bring in detailed information that is most relevant to your organization.

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Radio Quick Search

Radio Quick Search

New to the top right corner of every iVISTA screen is the Radio Quick Search. By simply typing in a Radio ID or Radio Alias this smart search feature will populate and help narrow down to the exact radio desired. Once a radio is selected, important details will appear such as the currently affiliated talkgroup and site, last registration, last activity, etc. Best of all, with a single click you can auto-run a subscriber activity detail report on the unit.

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Activity Module

Activity Module

The iVISTA Activity Module incorporates all the information that you are used to seeing in the desktop application and adds new user-friendly features. With the introduction of new ways to view, filter, rearrange, customize, and save this packet-by-packet information, it is now simpler than ever to quickly identify what you need.

Guide to the GenWatch3 Galaxy - Channel & Site Drilldown

Channel & Site DrillDown

The Channel Module has a new face and a new home in iVISTA. You still get the same functionality, including real-time views of system activity, calls in progress, call types, radio IDs, talkgroups, and associated aliases in a browser-delivered format!

See the brand new iVISTA Site Drilldown feature that displays a comprehensive, filterable and customizable view of a site’s activity, all on one screen!

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