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GenWatch3 Tips, Tricks, and More

Work Smarter, Not Harder with GenWatch3

MissionCritical Communications hosts this round-table discussion with long-time GenWatch3 users. You will also view a demonstration of the software solution.

GenWatch3 Modules Tips & Tricks

GenWatch3 customers appreciate the various views and data collection provided by the software to convey how their ASTRO® 25 radio system is performing. As the capabilities of these systems grow, in many instances, so does GenWatch3. This video shows several handy “tips and tricks” within the GenWatch3 modules and why they are valuable.

Underutilized Features

There is so much GenWatch3 can do, it’s no wonder some functionality might fall under the radar. In this video, we introduce you to these small, yet mighty, solutions!

Trigger Module

Wouldn’t it be great to be notified of critical system events the moment they happened? Imagine how that could translate to optimal performance for your radio users. Watch this video about Trigger and all the ways it can benefit your organization.