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GenWatch3 2.17 Release

This much-anticipated release includes valuable functionality, such as our new reporting platform!

iVISTA Dashboard

This video focuses on all elements of the dashboard solution, including its Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard, Map Displays, and Reporting capabilities. By the end of the training, you will understand not only how to navigate within and throughout the screens, but more importantly, what the information is telling you regarding your system’s performance!

AerisWeather Layer

There are so many map options to view alongside your radio traffic to paint a full picture of what is or is about to occur. Just another way in which GenWatch3 helps you be more informed and proactive.

Data Management for Member Agencies

Did you know GenWatch3 offers multiple data management options for Member Agencies? Whether information is filtered on an agency’s behalf, or the preference is to manage, monitor, and report on the data themselves, GenWatch3 provides the flexibility all organizations desire.

APCO 2021 Highlights

For those who were unable to join us for APCO in person, we are bringing the GenWatch3 highlights to you! And when we say “highlights” we mean all new functionality. Enjoy this jam-packed session that we hope will leave you feeling like you didn’t miss anything at all!

What’s New in GenWatch3 2.16.15

In this webinar, we go through the exciting features that we have added:
  • New TDMA and FDMA reporting
  • New features in GenWatch3 Location Services
  • New UEM Site and Channel Availability reporting

GenWatch3 2.16.10 Point Release

In this release, we added several new capabilities to our iVISTA browser-delivered platform, specifically in the area of Location Services, as well as a number of other market-driven features.
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