ATIA Reports

Reports for ASTRO 25, Dimetra, and SMARTZONE “over the wire” networks

GenWatch3-ATIA reports make practical use of all the system statistics collected and stored. Each report includes a Report Wizard that serves as a guide through parameter selections. Reports are included in the GenWatch3-ATIA reports list based on license.

  1. Abnormal End of Call Activity
  2. Airtime and PTTs per Hour
  3. Airtime by Minute
  4. Airtime by Radio ID
  5. Airtime by Radio ID and Talkgroup
  6. Alias Information (Site, Group, Radio)
  7. Average PTT Length and PTTs per Minute
  8. Busy Seconds by Hour
  9. Busy Seconds by Type
  10. Call Activity
  11. Call Activity Under xx Seconds
  12. Calls and PTTs By Month
  13. Custom TG Activity by ID Includes Consoles
  14. Database Status.xlsm
  15. Detailed Busies
  16. Detailed DIU Use
  17. Detailed Site Use
  18. Emergencies by Talkgroup
  19. Events by Type
  20. Group PTTs and Airtime by Hour
  21. Private PTTs and PTT Airtime by Hour
  22. PTTs and Airtime by Talkgroup
  23. Radio Activity by ID
  24. Radio Rejects
  25. Site Affiliation Summary
  26. Site Channel Summary
  27. Site Use By Hour
  28. Site Use By Week
  29. Site Utilization – GoS
  30. Site Utilization – GoS with Auto Busy Hour
  31. Subscriber Activity by Group ID
  32. Subscriber Activity by Subscriber ID With Location
  33. Subscriber PTT Counts by ID and Alias
  34. System Activity
  35. System Status Summary
  36. Talkgroup Affiliation Summary
  37. Talkgroup Usage by Day-Hour of Week
  38. Talkgroup Usage Top 20 by Hour
  39. Total Airtime for 24 Hours
  40. Total Airtime Top XX Talkgroups
  41. Unit PTTs by Talkgroup

iVista Dashboard

In addition to displaying snapshots of key system metrics, GenWatch3 iVista is the interface in which ATIA network reports are accessed. Dashboard widgets can be added or removed, reconfigured, reordered and resized with simple drag-and-drop actions.

  • Browser delivered
  • Filtered agency data is restricted by user login
  • Run and view reports online or on the desktop
  • Customize reports and export to MS Excel®
  • Share reports via email

UEM and HPD / IV&D Reports

Reports Customization

Offering ultimate flexibility, Genesis reports may be modified and saved to create custom variations. For example:

  • Change from Line to Area Graph, or any graph type
  • Add the data points to appear on each graph
  • Rotate a 3D graph to get a better view
  • Print the data sheet behind the graph
  • Change or add a title to a graph
  • Place a logo anywhere on the graph
  • Create a report comparing last week, month or year to this week, month or year
  • Familiar MS Excel® is used to create and run reports

Premium Reports

As an additional option, GenWatch3 users may choose to run even further comprehensive reports. These reports are typically used by customers who have deeper reporting needs. Therefore, they are available separately from core GenWatch3 Reports.

Radio Discovery Reports

As part of our Premium Reports, GenWatch3 Radio Discovery Reports lists every radio in a system and provides valuable, comprehensive data on each one.

Site Utilization & GoS Reports

Grade of Service (GoS) Reports clearly display the probability of a call being delayed or blocked more than a specified interval. Our GoS Reports provide a site-by-site analysis of a system’s channel load to help determine:

  • Average queue wait time
  • How much a site’s total capacity is being used during the busy hour
  • How many users are experiencing delayed (queued) calls during the busy hour
  • How current system performance compares to intended specifications