GW3 Inputs & Outputs

Over the Air Inputs

RF-modem + RIMII

GenWatch3 can handle input from up to 3 RIMII units per GenWatch3 PC at one time on a single copy. Multiple GenWatch3 units can then feed into a single, large database. There is no physical limit on the number of systems that can be monitored simultaneously. The GW3-RIMII module can accept RS232 inputs (directly from the RIMII) or TCP/IP input. This allows an RF-modem/RIMII to be located anywhere.


RIMIIFor customers who use GenWatch3 as an alternative for SIMSII, SITE LENS or SIP, a GW3-RIMII will be needed for each system that is being monitored. The GW3-RIMII module will also be needed for each system that is communicating with RCM activities.

RF-Modem Advancement

As P25 (9600) systems professionals, we have expertise in ordering and programming Motorola APX 4500, APX 6500, and EFJ 53SL radios as a replacement for the now discontinued MCS 2000 for 3600 systems. GenWatch3 allows a seamless migration path from 3600 to P25.

Backbone Inputs


The GenWatch RIMII input can be replaced with (or added to) an ATIA input to receive data from a Zone Controller. The GenGET service receives the ATIA, buffers it, and sends it securely to GenWatch3, wherever it resides on a network.

Note: ATIA must be installed and operating on the system. ATIA is not available for rebanding alternative orders.

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