Create scheduled backups of everything on a Central Controller

EzSaveWin has all of the capabilities of Motorola SMT Access and much more on the Windows® operating system. But rather than allowing access to only one site with a maximum of 2 Central Controllers as in SMT Access, EzSaveWin enables access to 6 Central Controllers by default, in any combination. License upgrades in groups of 6 may be added in virtually unlimited quantities. EzSaveWin creates backup schedules of anything and everything in a Central Controller. In addition to Database Backup (CSAVE and MSAVE), EzSaveWin allows the same operations in ASCII to better understand the results.

SMT Access Features

  • Issue commands remotely without needing to be at the Central Controller
  • Control system functions remotely with command line access to the Central Controller
  • Query an individual radio’s Central Controller status
  • Backup and restore subscriber and authorization databases. This allows the Network Manager to preserve data from the Central Controller database in the event of system failure.
  • View diagnostics for the Central Controller to identify and diagnose system issues
  • Access SMARTNET central controller(s) from a remote location using SMT Access. Additionally, the SMT Access server may be accessed remotely from client workstations in a multi-user configuration.
  • Access both an active and a standby central controller simultaneously

EzSaveWin Features

  • Can be started from GenWatch3® or operated standalone
  • Supports 6 controllers by default, but can be easily expanded in blocks of 6 controllers
  • Supports all known 6809 and MTC3600 Central Controllers
  • Supports Main and Standby Central Controller session, sequentially
  • Supports modem or direct RS232 connection to SMT ports
  • Total Central Controller backup
  • Total Central Controller restore
  • Unlimited scheduled backups
  • Automatic DIAG (diagnostics) saving
  • DIAG translation from complex hex number into easy to understand format
  • Allows GRD> command prompt activity
  • View any backup/save files created by EzSaveWin
  • Supports multiple generations of backups
  • View system reports and sessions
  • Backup Guardian options
  • Telephone backup
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