MCC 7500 / MCC 5500 Console Enhancement

Through a collaborative effort between Motorola field engineers and Genesis, customers can now display IDs and Emergency calls on MCC 7500 or MCC 5500 Operator Positions without a connection to the Embassy Switch. GEnSAC3 addresses a number of common issues:

  • The need to connect an MCC 7500 MCC 5500 CES
  • Embassy Switch has run out of resources and a T1 is too costly
  • No PTT-ID or emergency notification when displaying with a control station
  • The need to put a console in a Mobile Command Center

How It Works

GEnSAC comes loaded on a PC with 8, 16, or 32 COM ports (one for each talkgroup). ASTRO® 25 systems connect to GEnSAC with a Motorola APX 4500, 6500, or 7500 mobile radio. From there, one cable per talkgroup connects to each ACIM port in the CCGW (Conventional Channel

In a very simple setup on the GEnSAC PC, map the desired talkgroups to the correct ACIM Channel. GEnSAC decodes incoming Control Channel data and, for each talkgroup set up in GEnSAC, sends out individual ID and Emergency Call information to the appropriate ACIM Channel. The
Motorola Console then displays the ID currently talking and whether the call is normal or an emergency.

To get the best, total profile of your existing dispatch hardware and a complete list of any needed components, contact Genesis Sales or your authorized Motorola Sales Engineer.

Note: ACIM Channels and/or Conventional Channel Gateways may need to be added to the console.

Order Forms

GEnSAC3 Specifications

Hardware and Software Requirements

Control Channel Versions

  • GEnSAC3 supports all known current 3600 versions in 800MHz & 900MHz, as well as OBT. Please contact Genesis for a consultation. P25 is supported via the Motorola XTL™ and APX™ Series radios.

GEnSAC3 Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro Version 1607

Hardware Specifications

  • Dual core processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 300GB hard drive

COM Port Hardware

  • 16 or 32 port Rocket® Boards with 8, 16, or 32 ports active

COM Connections

  • DB25 with adaptors to RJ45

Max Talk Groups

  • One per COM port

Information Sent to ACIM

  • Talkgroup ID, Individual ID, Emergency Notification

GEnSAC3 Network Impact

  • Approximately 1kBps per client (future features)


  • 4 weeks ARO, FOB Tyler, Texas
  • For P25, 8 weeks ARO with Motorola APX Series radio

Included in Package

  • PC
  • Monitor
  • Appropriate Rocket Board
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Manuals

Customer Requirements

  • Complete Console (Gold, Gold Elite or MCC5500) including one radio per talkgroup that is used by the console to listen and talk to each talkgroup
  • UPS
  • KVM
  • Cabling from GEnSAC3 to ACIMs
  • 3600 systems
    • RF-modem / EFJ RS53SL radio (3600)
    • RIMII (3600)
  • 9600 systems (P25)
    • Motorola APX 6500 or APX 4500
  • Console configuration
  • Installation

Order Requirements

Complete GEnSAC Order Form, which provides the following:

  • System ID, Frequencies and Talkgroups
  • Ultimate customer name & location
  • Contact personnel
  • Quantity of ports
  • Ship-To address
  • Valid PO#
  • Radio configurations (if ordering RF-modem)


  • Software — One year after Installation
  • PC — Five years
  • All Genesis supplied hardware — bundled with manufacturer supplied warranty (hardware warranty is transferred to the end user)