Trio comes standard with dozens of reports.

Account Contact Information

This is the classic list of customer accounts and their basic contact information.

Account Inventory

This describes all of the radios and other items that each account has. This is great for a company general manager or accounting manager to have for a comprehensive view of everything that is being billed to them.

Aged Receivables Report

Show an account’s balance in aging buckets (0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90+ days). This clearly shows how recent or old the outstanding balance is. It can be shown in detail to list each outstanding invoice and which bucket it falls.

Instant ARPU

ARPU stands for Average Revenue Per Unit. This is not really a “report” in the typical sense.  Instant ARPU is a printable snapshot of one’s entire revenue.

Bottom 40 Units by Airtime

Why a report like this? Users who suddenly show up in the bottom of a usage list are likely to leave soon.  This identifies units that may be ready to churn.  Save a customer, starve a competitor!

Call Detail Report

This is the classic call detail that can be supplied to a client showing details of every call made for the radio or client specified.

Credits Given Report

Shows a summary of all credits given over a specified date range.

Customer Preview Report

High-level overview of all accounts showing a count of their radios, templates (rate plans), and monthly fees.

Customer Transaction Report

Lists all posted transactions to an account, such as invoices, credits, debits, payments, etc.

ID Ranges

List information about Radio IDs such as status, Owner, Alias, Model, Serial Number, etc.

Invoice Batch Summary

Show a summary of accounts and their invoice total from the last invoice run.

Payments Received

Lists all payments received for the specified customer(s).

Radio List

Lists the radios owned or managed by individual accounts.

Standard Mailing Labels
Generate standard mailing labels for Accounts and Dealers.

Radio System Reports

Each radio system type has its own set of reports customized for the characteristics of that system type.

Additional Reports

  • Customer Invoice List
  • Customer Statement
  • Daily Airtime Usage
  • General Ledger Summary of Major Accounts
  • Salesperson Information
  • Top 40 Customers by Sales Generated
  • Top 40 Units by Total Airtime Usage
  • Total Units By Radio Type