Upgrade Policy

Genesis is constantly upgrading most of our software, adding features and improving performance. We also keep step with updates on Motorola Trunking Systems, along with other system manufacturers.

Customers who remain current on their Essential Service Agreement, all normal upgrades that happen during a year are included at no extra charge. If during a year (the period of time between Service Agreement renewal), we improve a piece of software and it increases the selling price of the software to the general public, then we only ask our customers to pay the incremental difference in what they paid for the software and the new selling price.

“Why don’t I just get it included in my Essential Service Agreement fee under all circumstances?”

There are times when we have a significant change in software. This happens in all industries. These major changes bring along increased value to our customers above and beyond the normal enhancements that we make. Unlike some companies that require customers to pay the entire cost of Genesis software over again for upgrades like this, we only ask for the minor incremental difference.