Public Safety LTE Solutions

Monitor, manage, archive and report on Motorola PS-LTE networks

Genesis, long-known as the industry standard in performance management software for the two-way communications industry, now empowers Motorola Public Safety LTE (PS-LTE) system administrators with comprehensive archiving, analytics, and reporting solutions.

GenWatch3 iVista

GenWatch3 iVista is a browser-based dashboard KPI solution for agencies managing PS-LTE networks. iVista delivers snapshots of key system metrics via broadband connection. Dashboard widgets can be added or removed, reconfigured, reordered and resized with simple drag-and-drop actions. To view additional details on a particular item, they are just a double click away.

  • Browser delivered
  • Filtered agency data is restricted by user login
  • Run and view reports online or on the desktop
  • Customize reports and export to MS Excel®
  • Share reports via email