3600 Solutions

Solutions for Motorola SMARTZONE and SMARTNET systems

GenWatch3® is the modern replacement for Motorola SIMSII, SIP, SystemWatch and SITE LENS. While they served their purpose well in their time, the operating systems and the hardware are no longer supportable. GenWatch3 provides all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and report on 3600 networks well into the future. It is the one tool that pulls together all two-way voice and data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and comprehensive analysis. GenWatch3 significantly reduces the amount of time spent assembling or dissecting data from various sources while substantially increasing the amount of information readily available.

GenWatch3 closely watches subscriber PTT information, data usage, site utilization, and system diagnostics. It filters, stores, alarms, and displays data — from system-wide status views, to subscriber level activity — with pinpoint accuracy and razor-sharp clarity.

Our SMARTZONE solutions range from simple ATIA stream decoding to powerful management and reporting tools with GenWatch3-ATIA, to a full scale billing solution specifically for trunked radio systems with Genesis Trio.


3600 Network Enhancements