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Enhanced Performance Management Solutions for Dimetra

Solutions for Motorola TETRA

Genesis provides software tools to bring into focus the massive amounts of information on a Motorola Dimetra (TETRA) network. Clearly see through the clutter on the most complex systems.

Flexible, multi-featured and modular, GenWatch3® is the most cost-effective way to comprehensively monitor, manage, display, archive and report on a two-way communications network.

Genesis closely watches subscriber PTT information, data usage, site utilization, and system diagnostics. It filters, stores, alarms, and displays data — from system-wide status views, to subscriber level activity — with pinpoint accuracy and razor-sharp clarity.

Our Dimetra TETRA solutions range from simple ATIA stream decoding to powerful management and reporting tools with GenWatch3-ATIA, to a full scale billing solution specifically for trunked radio systems with Genesis Trio.


Dimetra Enhancements