Next-Level Developers Become Scrum Masters

According to computerworld.com, 18.2 million people worldwide develop software professionally. Less than 1% of those become Scrum Masters. This week, we recognized our developers who have achieved Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner status through the scrum.org certification program. With their expertise and leadership, our future is brighter than ever.

Congratulations to our Professional Scrum Masters (pictured L-R): Kirby Hearn, Jay Hopping, Shannon Latham, James Wansley, Michael Rainer, Chris Fair, Marcus Carey, Robert Boggs, as well as our Professional Scrum Product Owners: Dale Clarkston and Chad Richey.


James Wansley, Scrum Master

Call him Scrum Master Wansley. James Wansley personifies all that is great about Genesis: hard working, fun loving, and smarter than the average bear. James, along with the entire development team, maximizes efficiency by utilizing the Scrum methodology. In the software world, Scrum is an agile project management framework with the goal of delivering new software capability every 2-4 weeks. It was an extremely difficult goal to accomplish, but this morning, James became a certified PSM1 Scrum Master from Scrum.org.


Genesis Hosts GW3-TRBO Certification Training

GW3-TRBO TrainingGenesis held another certification training seminar for our GW3-TRBO solution for MOTOTRBO networks. Our intensive two-day courseware provides MOTOTRBO dealers and technicians with the competency, ability, and knowledge in the installation and configuration of GW3-TRBO. Congratulations to our participants (alpha by last name):

  • William Bailey — Control Communications
  • John Fotos — Motorola Solutions
  • Mike Greenaway — The Genesis Group
  • Victor Nigam — Motorola Solutions
  • Jean-Michel Noviot — Control Communications
  • Gasper Olvera — General Motors
  • Allan Oski — General Motors
  • Trevor Prill — General Motors
  • Mike Saia — Saia Communications
  • Bryan Thomas — General Motors
  • Doug Tibbits — Axiall

To sign up for future GW3-TRBO Training, contact Genesis.


GenLabs Testers Undergoing Certification

GenLabs certification trainingGenesis GenLabs testers have embarked on a mission to become certified. This initiative is being led by QA Tech Lena Bowen. This is another big step Genesis is taking to maintain our high grades of excellence. The testing team is studying and gaining certification through The International Software Testing Qualifications Board, an ISO and IEEE affiliated association that promotes top standards in software testing.

The motto at GenLabs: "Quality Assured — Excellence Guaranteed"