Champion EMS Speaks out on PULSE with Waze Integration

Our newest customer, Champion EMS, based in Longview, TX chose Genesis PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch, its Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel, and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration. The value of the PULSE solution became immediately visible. Read more


EMS1 Article: Enhanced Dispatch Options With Genesis PULSE

EMS1.com article: Genesis PULSE gives call center personnel and supervisors enhanced dispatch options and access to more data. “Providing ample data and doing it in a way that isn’t daunting is the genius that is Genesis PULSE. PULSE includes customizable software that displays active units, in real-time, using Google Maps.”

Full story on EMS1.com

Learn how Genesis PULSE, a user-friendly, advanced vehicular tracking and reporting software tool, engages dispatchers and leads to faster service for Public Safety here. Read more