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Smith County Sheriff and Tyler PD at Genesis

Phil Burks and Sheriff Larry SmithIt was an honor and a privilege to host our local heroes, representatives from the Tyler Police Department and Smith County Sheriff’s Department for lunch today! Included among our guests were Sheriff Larry Smith and Tyler PD Public Information Officer Don Martin. A special note of thanks to Citizen’s First Bank for generously providing lunch for everyone. This was merely a small way to tell them how much we appreciate law enforcement and the amazing job they do for us every day.


Phil Burks on New Law Enforcement Technologies

KLTV story — New law enforcement technologies: Better protection or invasion of privacy? Genesis CEO Phil Burks weighs in from the Genesis perspective.


Our role at Genesis is helping first responders (police, ambulance, fire, etc.) efficiently manage their two-way communications. Our solutions pull together all system-wide data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic and comprehensive analysis.

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