GADI – Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface for MCC 7500 Console Users


A Time and Labor Saving MCC 7500 Enhancement

Improve Resource Management. Streamline Workflows. Enhance Dispatcher Satisfaction.

Dispatchers have an intense and demanding job that requires focus and the ability to multi-task. Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface (GADI) enhances the standard features in the Motorola MCC 7500 console and provides dispatchers with functionality that makes their day-to-day tasks easier so they can concentrate on what matters most.

Improve Resource Management

It is vital that dispatchers and dispatch supervisors understand how their resources are being utilized. For instance, are emergencies happening on talkgroups that are not being monitored? Where are resources patched and can they add to those patches?

Unattended Emergencies allows unmonitored talkgroups to be dynamically added to a specified console when an emergency call has been initiated. This solution is particularly beneficial for users within covert operations or for agencies that do not require the ongoing monitoring of their talkgroups.


Centralized Patch shares resources across all console positions. The patches reside on a single server where authorized dispatchers are able to activate, deactivate, add or remove members from a patch regardless of where the resource is hosted. Permanent patches can also be created to keep conventional channels patched to trunked talkgroups.


Streamlines Workflows

Dispatchers’ daily tasks are fast-paced, high stress and critical! What if there was a way to streamline their workflows by implementing intuitive shortcuts to commonly used functions? GADI does just that!

Predefined Patches can be edited before activation, helping minimize errors and save time.


Active Patch displays all active patches on the radio system, eliminating time-wasting hide-and-seek.


Emergency Handling puts all emergencies front and center, simplifying the administration of critical events.


Configurable Input Devices can be programmed to perform a series of unique functions — such as playing an alert tone or activating a patch — with just the push of a button.

GADI Configurable Input Device
GADI Configurable Input Device
MCC 7500 dispatcher

Enhances Dispatcher Satisfaction

Every dispatcher has preferences on the way their position is set up to make their environment as effective as possible. For example, selecting which audio they are listening to and the volume of emergencies and tones should be something they can easily control. GADI offers solutions to make this possible.

Volume and Tone Management gives users the option to silence emergency tones in the headset and play them on an external speaker, helping minimize distractions.


Radio Finder automates the process of finding a radio on conventional channels. Radio Finder will cycle through all conventional channels, issuing a radio check until the radio is found.

Radio Ambush gives users the ability to set a radio to be inhibited as soon as it is detected anywhere on the system. An email indicating whether or not the inhibit was successful is then sent to the user.

For customers requiring additional functionality, Genesis specializes in providing unique solutions for MCC 7500 dispatch console users. Contact Sales to discuss your requirements.

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