Monitor and proactively manage ASTRO 25 & Dimetra Systems

You deserve to get the most out of your ASTRO® 25 and DIMETRA system investment.

In GenWatch® , Motorola system information from multiple sources (ATIA, IMW, GGSN, UEM, SNMP) is brought into one centralized location to not only be monitored and managed, but also stored for as long as it is needed. From there, System Administrators can run reports from multiple angles, as well as generate important notifications on specific events.

Administrators of the world’s largest systems rely on GenWatch to simplify reporting, validate decisions, and save time.

What about you?

Simplify reporting.  Validate decisions.  Save time.

Simplify Reporting

One of the most powerful tools in GenWatch is the reporting capabilities. Data received on all ASTRO 25 system-wide activity is collected and archived for as long as it is needed without any loss of detail. This allows for greater historical and in-depth forensic analysis of how the network is and has been performing.

System Administrators can run reports by zone, site, system, subscriber, and talkgroup parameters, based on their unique analysis needs. For recurring reports, System Administrators can leverage the browser-delivered tool to schedule and email those reports to run automatically. The data can also be filtered by member agencies so only that agency’s information is viewable.

Validate Decisions

The information System Administrators can access by using GenWatch enables them to optimize current operational efforts, predict future trends, and produce actionable insights.

System Administrators are able to maintain constant visibility into how their system is performing, which helps them make more informed and data-driven decisions regarding their limited radio resources.

With browser-delivered, map-based views and dashboards, GenWatch provides a more in-depth and real-time view of how sites are performing. From one central screen, System Administrators are able to see activity between each site, the total number of talkgroups and radios affiliated, and site utilization. Real-time channel usage with a corresponding high-water mark and KPI Statistics are available with current and historical values.

In addition, a detailed weather layer allows GenWatch users the ability to view radar, active wildfires, wind gusts, hurricanes with forecast cones, road conditions, and more, all while monitoring their radio traffic.

Save Time

GenWatch allows System Administrators to monitor their radio network activity, mobility, busies, and channel usage, in real-time from a single centralized location.  The software displays this activity via live views, such as the browser-delivered mapping solution, as well as calculates historical averages for comparison with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard.  This helps System Administrators quickly identify anomalies in system performance and be proactive in addressing potential issues. During critical system events, notifications can be created and automatically sent to the people who need this information the most.

GenWatch3 Alerts

Get Critical Notifications

External notifications with customizable parameters provide the flexibility to be away from the system, yet stay in the know about critical events. Users have the ability to create notifications to be sent via email, text, desktop alerts, or SNMP.

Powerful GenWatch Enhancements

ASTRO 25 first responder system management

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