GenWatch Enhancements

GenWatch Additional Enhancements

GenIIB and PMI Enhancement

The Genesis Interoperability Information Broker (GenIIB) and the GenWatch Provisioning Manager Interface (PMI) Enhancement enables integration with third-party software applications (such as Mcmtech) for information sharing. This is often utilized for asset and fleet management, billing, and remote provisioning purposes. It allows System Administrators to manage various system applications and assets through a single point of entry and to securely exchange information between them.


GenWatch3 PMI Enhancement
GenIIB and PMI Diagram

Subscriber Access Manager

SAM (aka CloneWatch) is a comprehensive radio accountability solution that monitors an individual or range of resources (talkgroups and radios) for impossible or improbable radio activity that breaks a predefined rule or expected behavior. 

If a radio or talkgroup’s activity is deemed impossible or improbable, that resource will be added to a Suspect List and an alert can be sent so further investigation may be done.



GENSPOUT (Genesis Specified Packet Output) is a GenWatch enhancement that allows the user to filter multiple input streams, such as ATIA and Control Channel data. GENSPOUT filters and passes this data to a variety of user-defined external devices, such as specialized CAD systems, consoles, voice recorders, alarm devices, and more.

Advanced Power Monitor

The GenWatch APM connects to the RFI Wireless APM to show and report site power levels at user-defined intervals. It shows the real-time status of each channel monitored by an RFI APM device and contains information such as Transmit (Tx) Frequency, Receive (Rx) Frequency, Combiner Output Power, Rx Power, Combiner Insertion Loss, and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR). This information can be used for external notifications and is also archived for historical reporting and trending.


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