Genesis Operations Bridge – Better Insight, Better Decisions, Better Performance

Genesis Operations Bridge

Total System Management for ASTRO 25 Networks

Consolidate everything. Eliminate the noise. Drive rapid response.

As a System Administrator, you are faced with a series of challenges when incidents occur that impact your overall network. Even when you identify and filter through the flood of alarms, there is uncertainty about which are the most critical and should be dealt with first. The Genesis Operations Bridge Manager of Managers can help bring calm to the chaos by providing System Administrators with tools to reduce the time to repair and prioritize workloads in order to maintain high service availability.

Consolidate Everything

The Genesis Operations Bridge provides a “single pane of glass” view across a multi-technology, multi-vendor network. It increases operational efficiency by centralizing system views and clearly displaying metrics across different systems. Geographic views are provided to show where sites are located, their alarm status, as well as performance over time.

Eliminate the Noise

A significant number of the alarms that come out of the Motorola UEM are filtered before they get to the Genesis Operations Bridge. Duplicates are eliminated, short outages and events are suppressed, even events that are not deemed useful by the System Administrator can be disregarded. The events that are maintained are then correlated together to determine the root cause of the incident.

Drive Rapid Response

Being able to correlate events to find a root cause is just one example of how the Genesis Operations Bridge can save System Administrators time when addressing network issues. The software not only has the ability to decipher the meaning of each event by mapping IP addresses to the exact device but also displays information in a manner that is easily understood. Real-Time Service Health Monitoring encourages System Administrators to focus less on individual events and more on the true impact on services offered to their users. This helps to better prioritize already limited resources. Add to this the ability to automatically escalate work tickets, and watch employee productivity and efficiency improve!

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