GW3-TRBO – Performance Management Software for MOTOTRBO


Monitor and proactively manage MOTOTRBO Systems

Maximize Investment.  Ensure Availability.  Optimize Performance.

We understand managing a MOTOTRBO® system can be overwhelming. There is a better way…

GW3-TRBO® is an integrated solution that allows centralized management of all system-wide activity, sends critical notifications, and archives data for forensic reporting on all MOTOTRBO platforms:

  • Capacity Max
  • Capacity Plus
  • Multi-Site Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus
  • IP Site Connect

GW3-TRBO is sold and supported by Motorola Solutions and trusted by Fortune 100 Companies.

Flexible Reporting

With long-term archiving, GW3-TRBO’s robust reporting suite offers an in-depth analysis of all system activity and clearly displays usage patterns to trend utilization for resource planning and allocation. Dozens of flexible reports make it clear, for example, which radio users, talkgroups, and channels are the most or least active. Refer to the GW3-TRBO Solution Briefs for a full list of reports.

Live Monitoring

GW3-TRBO provides detailed visibility into every aspect of system health and performance. At-a-glance views give users real-time insight into system, site, and channel utilization and statuses. Additionally, intuitive dashboards display details, such as peak channels and system busies.

Refer to the GW3-TRBO Solution Briefs for more details.

GW3-TRBO alerts

Critical Notifications

External notifications with customizable parameters provide the flexibility to be away from the system, yet stay in the know about the most critical events. GW3-TRBO users have the ability to create notifications sent via email, text, desktop alerts, or SNMP. Examples include equipment failure, high threshold of busies, and system alarms. Refer to the GW3-TRBO Solution Briefs for more details.

Vertical Markets

GW3-TRBO is a trusted solution to monitor, manage, notify, and report on MOTOTRBO networks in:

  • Petro Chem / Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment / Hospitality
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Public Works


GenFIT — Genesis Field Investigation Tool — shows basic site views of live MOTOTRBO system activity, channel grid, and busy log on a single repeater, a single IP Site Connect network, or a single Capacity Plus site. GenFIT is a free tool available to Motorola engineers, technicians, and Motorola Channel Partners.

Download GenFIT

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