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Genesis® develops, tests, and supports industry-leading software solutions for mission critical and business critical applications. Our performance management solutions empower system administrators to monitor in real time, manage, archive and report on two-way voice and data systems. Browse our solutions by system type, industry, product, product enhancement, or specialized solution to meet the unique performance management demands of your two-way communications network.

In short, Genesis pulls together all system-wide and inter-agency data to:

  • Display activity the moment it happens
  • Send critical notifications
  • Archive data for forensic reporting and analysis


Performance Management for Multi-Site Networks

GenWatch3-ATIA captures data from sources such as ATIA, GGSN (IV&D and Enhanced Data), GPS (IMW), SNMP, and UEM. It then distributes that data to desired connection points. One integrated workhorse solution pulls together all system-wide and inter-agency data to display real-time activity via GenWatch3, send filtered data and critical notifications, and archive data in SQL databases for forensic reporting and analysis.



Performance Management for ASTRO 25 Networks

GenWatch3® empowers system administrators to monitor, manage, and report on Motorola voice and data systems for commercial, private and public safety agencies. One integrated tool pulls together all system-wide data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and comprehensive analysis.



Performance Management for MOTOTRBO Networks

GW3-TRBO® allows centralized monitoring, management, reporting, archiving and notifications for all MOTOTRBO™ platforms. GW3-TRBO monitors, manages, archives and reports on every detail on system traffic as seen from a site, repeater, channel, slot, or subscriber to confirm that the network is performing as expected.


Genesis Operations Bridge

View an entire network through a single pane of glass

The Operations Bridge (Manager of Managers) provides a single focal point view across a complex two-way communications environment of multiple ASTRO 25 or Dimetra zones. Data is filtered and correlated so that issues are quickly pinpointed down to their root cause. Integrated service level monitoring and measurement ensures resources are focused on addressing issues that impact critical services. In short, The Operations Bridge provides views to an entire ASTRO 25 or Dimetra system through a single pane of glass!



Vehicular tracking that helps optimize response times

Genesis PULSE® is an advanced vehicular tracking system that optimizes response times, helping first responders fulfill compliance agreements, cut costs, and most importantly, save lives and property. PULSE alerts its users upon detecting service that does not meet set standards. PULSE then provides administrators and review boards with comprehensive data for constant improvement analysis.

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