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Software Technical Support

Genesis Support Specialists perform problem resolution activities ranging from end-user assistance to remote diagnostics. Support issues are assessed and classified by severity, then assigned to the appropriate support representatives.

Phone and Email


As you begin the troubleshooting process, we have a comprehensive manual available by pressing F1 on any screen, or the “help” tab in iVISTA.

We may ask for a screenshot that will provide a visual description of the issue. “Alt+PrtScr” captures the screen image, which can then be embedded into an email or pasted into a Word document. We may provide instructions on how to capture sample data for our analysis.

To expedite support, we may ask for:

  • Type of system (including software version numbers)
  • Symptoms of the problem
  • When the problems first occurred
  • Can the problem be reproduced?
  • What actions cause it to occur?
  • Are there any unusual circumstances contributing to the problem, such as loss of power to the system?

Emergency Support Help Line

In the event of an emergency — such as system down or database errors — our Emergency Help Line is available 24/7/365 by calling 1 (877) 548-0465 and following the prompt.

Essential Service & Premium Lifecycle Agreements

To utilize Genesis support services our customers need to maintain a current Genesis Essential Service or Premium Lifecycle agreement.

Genesis Service Agreement Overview
Genesis Service Agreement Overview – MOTOTRBO

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