GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement

Enriching GenWatch3 with Fault Management Data

Control the Clutter. Improve Workload Prioritization. Take Out the Guesswork.

Maintaining high system availability and performance is critical. As a System Administrator, it is important to quickly assess any impact on the services offered to your users. The GenWatch3® Unified Event Manager (UEM) Enhancement monitors the health of an ASTRO® 25 system and helps to analyze trends to proactively maintain a high quality of service.

Control the Clutter

When a weather or system event occurs on an ASTRO 25 system, the result is typically a flood of alarms rapidly being sent to the Motorola UEM. In some cases, important data is missed, leaving System Administrators with only part of the entire picture needed to help resolve network issues.

The GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement can throttle the alarms received from the Motorola UEM at a reduced rate to prevent lost data and filter them to only display information that is useful. If needed, the alarms can also be forwarded to other devices. All alarms are stored in SQL databases for as long as desired which provides the ability to run forensic reports and view trends.

Refer to the GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement Solution Brief for more information.

Improved Workload Prioritization

Most ASTRO 25 systems are managed by a limited number of people, making it nearly impossible to diagnose and address every device that is in an alarm state. The GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement browser-delivered map and dashboard tools enable System Administrators and their teams to be more productive and ensure that critical events are not missed. Live device monitoring, severity thresholds, and customized notifications of alarms give System Administrators and their team the ability to prioritize workloads and the opportunity to focus on other tasks that may need more immediate attention.

Refer to the GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement Solution Brief for more information.

Take Out the Guesswork

The GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement provides System Administrators with detailed information on each device in an alarm state. This includes the impacted equipment, a timestamp of when the alarm was initiated and cleared, as well as a straightforward description of the event. The ability to run historical reports on alarms is equally important as this could be an early indication of when a device needs to be replaced before it fails.

Refer to the GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement Solution Brief for more information.