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System Specifications

Actual requirements and product functionality may vary based upon system configuration and requirements. After extensive testing on multiple configurations and conditions, Genesis recommends the following specifications. Additional hardware may be required in some circumstances. For optimal configuration or questions regarding individual situations, please contact Genesis.

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Request a download of Genesis Performance Management software. Simply provide us with some information and one of our Support Representatives will be in touch with you quickly.

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Software Manuals

Documentation on Genesis performance management solutions can also be easily accessed by pressing F1 within the solution. The following documentation is for the most current release of each solution. Click a solution to expand and reveal documentation.

Solution Briefs

New! For a slightly deeper dive into Genesis software than our brochures, check out our Solution Briefs, which break down details of each product. We will post more as documents are created, so check back often.

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Training Webinars Library

View past recordings of our 30-Minute Thursday Training Webinars to learn more about Genesis software solutions.

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For a high high level overview of Genesis software solutions, these 1-2 page documents are a great place to start. Download brochures by product:

Download Brochures by Enhancement:


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