GenWatch Location Services

GenWatch Location Services

Enriching GenWatch with Location Information

Never Miss an Emergency. Find Users Quickly. Control Viewing Privileges.

GenWatch® Location Services is an enhancement to GenWatch ATIA and allows System Administrators to monitor the location of every radio on the Motorola ASTRO® 25 system that is GPS capable and enabled. Whether in an emergency or for general accountability, knowing the location of users operating on the system is important, even critical at times.

GenWatch Location Services assists System Administrators in reducing response times, while also enhancing overall system performance and worker efficiency.

Never Miss an Emergency

While monitoring the location of hundreds (or thousands) of radios at a time, it is important to never miss a user in distress. When an emergency has been initiated by a radio user, a flashing alarm is shown on the GenWatch browser-delivered map next to the user’s location. Once the alert is acknowledged within GenWatch, available details including the subscriber’s current location, last reported location, and site and talkgroup affiliation are displayed. 

For the duration of the active alarm, the browser-delivered map will continuously center over the unit until the emergency is cleared from the map or a configurable timer expires. If there are multiple emergencies in progress, the map will move and resize as needed so all emergencies remain on the screen. To make sure that an emergency is not missed, there is flexibility for users to choose to only display emergencies on the map. And if they are not looking at the map and an emergency occurs, an audio/visual indicator will pop up. 

Refer to the GenWatch Location Services Solution Brief for more information.

Find Users Quickly

Haven’t heard from a radio in a while? GenWatch can help. System Administrators can generate an immediate location request or set a temporary cadence change to find the subscriber and, if needed, address the situation quickly. With a single click on a radio unit’s icon, System Administrators can view the latest timestamp, subscriber information, and last reported location; including the address. In addition, users can display the Historic Breadcrumbs Report to view a radio’s geolocation over a period of time.

Refer to the GenWatch Location Services Solution Brief for more information.

GenWatch3 historic breadcrumbs
GenWatch Historic Breadcrumbs
GenWatch3 Location Agency Filtering
Member Agency Filtering

Control Viewing Privileges

Due to the sensitive nature of knowing where radio users are located, it is important that information is shared on a “need to know” basis. The GenWatch Location Services Enhancement offers System Administrators control over who has access to specific views within the browser-delivered map. The location data can also be filtered by Member Agency so only that agency can see and manage their respective subscribers and avoid those that have no relevance to their organization. 

Refer to the GenWatch Location Services Solution Brief for more information.

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