Genesis Field Investigation Tool for MOTOTRBO

What is GenFIT?

  • Genesis Field Investigation Tool shows basic site views of live system activity, channel grid, and busy log on:
    • Single IP Site Connect Network Wide area channels using IP-based monitoring
    • Single Capacity Plus Site Voice and data using IP-based monitoring

Who Should Use GenFIT?

GenFIT is available to Motorola engineers, technicians, and Motorola Channel Partners.

How Much Does GenFIT Cost?

GenFIT is absolutely FREE, gratis, complimentary, and definitely within your budget.

Download GenFIT

Before downloading GenFIT for MOTOTRBO®, we need to collect some very basic information. The link to the software download will be sent to you via email immediately after the submission of your information.

Minimum System Specifications

  • Windows 10
  • MS Excel®

GenFIT is compatible with MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect or Capacity Plus.

GenFIT Support

GenFIT information and support are available exclusively via email.

For comprehensive performance management of MOTOTRBO networks, Genesis offers GW3-TRBO.

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