GenWatch3 v.2.16.4

This GenWatch3® update is available at no charge for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. For support questions or to check the current status of your support and maintenance agreement, please contact Support.

Before installing on an ATIA-based system, the database will need to be updated. Genesis Support personnel will provide this service for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. If applicable, please contact Support to schedule the update.

New Features

  • Genesis products are now 64-bit applications
  • Genesis products now support SQL Server 2017
  • Genesis products now support Windows Server 2019
  • GenWatch3 now supports redundant RF modems for control channel monitoring
  • GenWatch3 can now interface with MCC7500 console to send call alerts
  • Trio now supports 4-digit rounding for currency
  • Trio now includes a taxable option in the Charges menu

Improvements and Fixes

  • GenWatch3 now has global timeout for subscriber affiliations
  • GenWatch3 Alias module now batches update based upon time instead of number of events
  • The ring events of a private call are no longer considered in air time calculations
  • iVista map tile server port is now configurable
  • iVista tile server no longer replaces map tiles upon upgrade
  • Improvements to site statistic widgets on the iVista map
  • Improvements to the communication between GenWatch3 and iVista
  • Improvements to the Agency Management page in iVista
  • The GET SNMP Master Agent properly considers community when responding to poll requests