GenWatch3 v.

This GenWatch3® update is available at no charge for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. For support questions or to check the current status of your support and maintenance agreement, please contact Support.

Before installing on an ATIA-based system, the database will need to be updated. Genesis Support personnel will provide this service for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. If applicable, please contact Support to schedule the update.

New Features

  • Removed support for Pre-Flex ATIA systems
  • Added support for ASTRO version 7.17 ATIA
  • Added support for ASTRO PMI version 500
  • Added custom ATIA output for GenSPOut module
  • Added new ASTRO report ‘Zero Usage’
  • Added new ASTRO report ‘Subscriber Last Activity’
  • Added option to ignore data traffic for GenWatch3 statistics
  • Data calls now last a maximum of 5 minutes for ASTRO and Dimetra customers
  • Removed iVista EGLView dependency for Google Earth
  • iVista EGLview is now compatible with multiple map solutions
  • iVista EGLview no longer requires active internet connection
  • Added standalone tile server installer for offline maps
  • Improved iVista agency management
  • Created REST API for 3rd party applications to retrieve KPI statistics
  • Split call statistics into voice and data in Channel module
  • Split call statistics into voice and data in System Summary Module
  • Performance improvements for iVista website
  • Improved Alias module performance for very large radio systems
  • iVista installation location is now configurable
  • Administrators can log out other users


  • Deaffiliation packets are now properly considered for P25 OTA installations
  • RPC CAD will now respond to NULLPROC commands
  • RPC CAD connections should no longer drop after receiving unexpected data
  • Fixed an issue in RSP25 inputs where Private Voice Calls were ending Private Data Calls
  • SNMP connections no longer show link down due to lack of data
  • Improved KPI performance
  • Fixed exception that could stop the service when radio commands are in the "In Passive" state
  • Improve performance for Channel Usage report
  • Corrected typographical error in the Trigger MIB file
  • The Insert Fields feature has been enhanced to work with Minimum Duration triggers
  • User roles in iVista are now synchronized with AD groups
  • Channel module now correctly shows active data channels for ASTRO and Dimetra customers

Genesis Trio New Features

  • Invoice Cycles can now be set to have invoice dates on the Nth Business/Weekday of the month
  • Sites Channel Info screen enhancements
  • Created new report: Radio Firmware
  • Invoices can now display a customer specific Ref 1 value
  • Trio now supports PMI version 0500 for ASTRO version 7.17