GenWatch3 2.17.7

This GenWatch3® update is available at no charge for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. For support questions or to check the current status of your support and maintenance agreement, please contact Support.

Before installing on an ATIA-based system, the database will need to be updated. Genesis Support personnel will provide this service for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. If applicable, please contact Support to schedule the update.

New Features:

  • Reports
    • A field indicating a Subscriber’s iVISTA assigned Agency was added to most GET reports
    • iVISTA allows user to email report results
    • New – Activities By Talkgroup By Site Over Time
    • Activities By Talkgroup By Site Over Time – added Emergency Info
    • New – Activities By Site Over Time
    • New – ISSI Activity
    • PTT Over Time report – enhanced with more granular data
    • ATIA Site Channel Summary report – slot column added
    • Dimetra – Control Channel Utilization added to Channel Module
    • New – Dimetra Control Channel Utilization Report
    • New – Dimetra UEM Site Availability Report
  • Number of Sites, Channels, Groups, and Subscribers which can exist in Alias no longer limited
  • iVISTA/GET Enhanced UEM – entity name added
  • iVISTA map widget includes FDMA/TDMA subscriber property
  • iVISTA allows user to globally search for subscribers based on ID or Alias
  • iVISTA allows user to designate a page as the “favorite/home” page

Improvements and Fixes

  • iVISTA Addressed an issue where the Talkgroup range selector was not working properly on some browser zoom levels.
  • Addressed issue where Control Channel indicator would temporarily stop displaying on site widgets
  • Improved Report performance
  • Improved visibility of iVISTA’s Resource Selectors with increased browser zoom levels
  • Addressed an issue where Calls and PTTs by Month Report’s start date were flooring incorrectly
  • Addressed a report export issue for Windows Authentication users
  • Addressed an issue where, in certain circumstances, mobility update packets did not update/add RadioIDs
  • Corrected an issue in GW3-TRBO’s Call Activity report to consistently display RSSI values
  • User notified and logs created when report download failures occur
  • Memory usage improvements in GW3-TRBO module for large systems
  • Performance Improvements in GenWatch’s Alias: Subscriber Import

GenWatch3 2.17.4

New Features

  • Site aliases are displayed in the GenWatch3 Channel module.
  • Database sync functionality is available for CGF data.
  • Aeris weather layers are available in iVISTA.
  • GenGET reports are only available in iVISTA.
  • Agency columns have been added to iVISTA reports.
  • Users can filter, sort, and pivot report results directly in the web browser.
  • Many iVISTA reports have been consolidated with other reports.  Contact support for a full list of impacted reports.
  • The following new reports have been added to iVISTA reporting:
    • PTTs Over Time
    • Busies Over Time
    • Talkgroup Activity Details
    • Site Use Summary

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented IMW GPS locations triggers from firing.
  • Addressed an issue in GenWatch3 where data calls were being counted as group calls.
  • GenWatch3 supports unicode characters for radio, talkgroup, site, and channel aliases.
  • Microsoft Excel is no longer required to run GenGET reports.
  • Improved performance and responsiveness of the iVISTA Agency management page.
  • iVISTA users can now choose to run reports against short term or long terms databases.
  • SNMP reports now consider the UEM timestamp instead of the server timestamp.