GenWatch3 Update Notes

GenWatch3 Release Notes

This GenWatch3® update is available at no charge for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. For support questions or to check the current status of your support and maintenance agreement, please contact Genesis Customer Support.

Before installing on an ATIA-based system, the database will need to be updated. Genesis Support personnel will provide this service for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. If applicable, please contact Support to schedule the update.

GenWatch3 2.23.4

MSI Compatibility

ASTRO 2022.1
PMI 0770
IMW 5.2.4

New Features – iVISTA – Map

  • Dynamic Site Markers provide a real-time visualization of site statistics.

New Features – iVISTA – Quick Search

  • Quick search expanded to find talkgroup results with:
    • Link to Talkgroup Activity Details report
    • Link to open the talkgroup drilldown page.
    • Site affiliations listed by subscriber population.
  • Quick search expanded to find site results with:
    • Link to Detailed Site Use report.
    • Link to the site on the Map page.
    • Link to open the site drilldown page.

New Features – iVISTA – Reports

  • New FDMA Impact report details subscribers that cause FDMA traffic on TDMA resources.
  • Schedule management page updates with a grid display with advanced filtering /sorting options.
  • Single-Run schedules are purged from the system.

New Features – iVISTA – SNMP

  • Events and Alarms pages updated with grid display with advanced filtering/sorting options.
  • UEM Alarms can be configured to timeout and auto close based on alarm severity.

New Features – iVISTA – Agency Management

  • Subscriber management now supports manual and range assignments in conjunction with security group assignments.
  • Subscribers can be assigned to secondary agencies for complex agency requirements.

New Features – GenWatch3

  • SAM – New “Reject Watch” can be configured to generate suspect subscribers based on received system rejects.

Improvements/Fixes – iVISTA

  • Dashboard timeframe selection saved and recalled correctly.
  • Report export settings are no longer overwritten on startup in AD mode.
  • Fixed upgrade error encountered on installations with UEM Enhancement.
  • Removed obsolete DB objects from database purge list.
  • Fixed upgrade error when previous version was 2.16 or earlier.
  • No longer store DB records for subscribers that have never been active on the system.
  • Fixed subsites to always appear under the correct site record.
  • Fixed session timeout determination using non-US date formats.
  • Report Help correctly defines Speed column as Meters per Second.

Improvements/Fixes – GenWatch3

  • Illegal Carrier KPI entries purged correctly.
  • Improved TRIO/PMI performance on low bandwidth networks.
  • GenSPOut – Ensure ID Alias field is available for Location packets.

Improvements/Fixes – ATIA Data Warehouse

  • Fixed pull procedure to work correctly when the warehouse already has records with higher unique values.

Improvements/Fixes – SDS

  • Fixed connections to “Active” mode FTP/SFTP servers.

GenWatch3 2.23.3

MSI Product Compatibility

ASTRO 2022.1
PMI 0770
IMW 5.2.4

New Features – iVISTA – MAP

  • Subscriber styles selector is hidden when no subscriber layers are enabled.
  • Site tooltip contains a link to open the site drill-down page.

New Features – iVISTA – Reports

  • Date format is configurable with options for US, EU, or Universal style.
  • New Email permissions allow administrators to control which users can email reports.
  • Email options will not appear when SMTP is not configured or enabled on the server.

New Features – iVISTA – SNMP

  • Accesses SNMP data directly from GET SNMP instead of reprocessing.
  • Uses GenWatch3 IP ranges instead of maintaining separate IP range settings.

New Features – iVISTA – Security

  • User session timeout can be configured per user instead of server-wide.
  • User sessions no longer expire at different times based on which pages are loaded.
  • User session timeout can be disabled for any user except the initial administrator account.

New Features – GenWatch3

  • Added support for PMI version 0770.
  • SQL Express redistributable version updated to 2022.

New Features – GenWatch3 – SNMP 2SQL

  • Processes UEM data based primarily on IP map settings.
  • IP map settings are synced with GenWatch3.

Improvements/Fixes – iVISTA

  • Fixed behavior if Default dashboard is deleted
  • Map settings window recalls previous values correctly
  • Talkgroup resource selectors no longer attempt to load all talkgroups
  • Genesis DB purge job no longer contains extraneous steps
  • GW3 API token is only refreshed as needed
  • Subscriber resource selector no longer attempts to display all subscribers
  • APM Rx/Tx packets are processed correctly for alphanumeric systems
  • APM Rx packet values are displayed correctly
  • Fixed call line display for MOTOTRBO LCP system type
  • Devices assigned to subsites are displayed correctly
  • Dimetra UEM Site Availability report shows correct site alias on each tab
  • Fixed race condition during SignalR connection which caused missed packets
  • Events By Type report uses text filter on Event Description column
  • Site widgets can be viewed on the map without admin permission
  • Ensure sites loaded on all UI elements
  • Reduced chance of deadlocks in the SNMP UEM Availability Report
  • Improved load time for results on Alarms Page

Improvements/Fixes – GenWatch3

  • Throttle batch commands for TRBO to ensure each command is processed
  • Fixed timestamps used for speed calculation to detect IDD Suspects in SAM
  • Fixed IMW batch location processing so that other connections do not fall behind
  • Ensure SQL login has all permissions required for Illegal Carriers KPI processing
  • Fixed Illegal Carrier KPI processing on SQL Server names with hyphens
  • Fixed race condition in the IMW connection when CurrentState is requested during service startup
  • Illegal Carrier KPI creates 5-minute buckets for the correct timeframes
  • Ensure all location updates for the same device are processed when received in a batch
  • Fixed IMW exception when location reports arrive during a CurrentState request
  • Terrafix connection detects possible disconnect and attempts to reconnect
  • Fixed memory leak found in subsite processing

Improvements/Fixes – ATIA 2SQL

  • Ensure location updates are processed with correct timestamp
  • DB Pull configuration form prevents misconfigurations
  • DB Sync process improved to reduce chances of deadlocks
  • DB Sync process handles records with matching UCNs
  • Fixed possible exception processing location or presence packets from GW3
  • Increased resilience of internal processing and ensure errors are logged
  • IP Address field’s whitespace is trimmed before saving the value

Improvements/Fixes – SDS 2SQL

  • Allow connections in FTP Active mode
  • Fixed DB Purge process to use correct timestamp

GenWatch3 2.17.17

MSI Product Compatibility


New Features – iVISTA

  • Illegal Carrier KPI can be added to Dashboard and Site Drill-Down page
  • Channel Screen Enhancements
    • New “FDMA on TDMA” call indication on channel blocks
    • Transcoded calls indicated with an (xC) symbol in the footer
  • Map – Subscriber Layers can be created by agency
  • Subscriber Access Method Type is displayed with quick search results
  • Site Page Enhancements
    • Sections of the page can be collapsed and reordered
    • KPI charts can be clicked to see a detailed view
    • Change sites without leaving the page
    • Talkgroup grid shows affiliation counts in bar graph style
  • DIMETRA SDS Billing Detail report updated with agency column

New Features – GenWatch3

  • Connect Module APM Enhancements
    • APM connections can be imported or exported in Bulk
    • APM Connection icons are rolled up into one icon in the system tray
    • Custom port configuration available
  • New Site Utilization Trigger is available to monitor for “near-busy” events
    • Configure a primary utilization threshold and duration
    • Override for special-case sites

SQL Server Compatibility Update

Dropped support for SQL Server 2014

Improvements/Fixes – iVISTA

  • Site Details – The Channels widget should now consistently expand correctly
  • Reports – Subscriber selector now filters correctly
  • Reports – Subscriber Last Activity report filtering now shows the system ID properly
  • Places now show sites/subsites correctly after upgrade
  • Map zoom level links now consider subsites
  • Corrected “Toggle All” function for SNMP places on map
  • Channel Legend fixed to appear over channels
  • Added new symbols and colors to Channel Legend lists
  • Import columns are now consistent between imports
  • Control channel is no longer overwritten by a radio command
  • Channel page now shows control channel change correctly
  • Activity page now displays packets automatically

Improvements/Fixes – GenWatch3

  • Halcyon no longer crashes when alarm is cleared
  • Alias no longer spams event log with “ChannelKey” errors
  • Importing IP maps no longer crashes Alias module

Improvements/Fixes – GenGET

  • Prevented deadlocks in System Status Summary stored procedure
  • SNMP – Corrected issue with SNMPv3 message parsing
  • Improved performance for the Subscriber Activity Details report
  • Fixed a CGF Windows handles leak in disconnect scenario

GenWatch3 2.17.16

New Features – iVISTA

  • Report Priorities
    • On-demand and scheduled reports execute in user priority order
    • Administrators can set on-demand reports to be next to execute
  • Map – Subscriber markers can be colored by agency
  • Channel – Optimized UI sizing to display more channels in detail mode
  • Security – Role deletion will display a confirmation prompt

New Features – GenWatch3

  • SAM
    • Added suspect purging to maintain a manageable suspect list
    • Prevent tracking suspect activity for id 0 to improve performance
    • Option to exclude conventional activity
  • Security – Added user option to suppress flashing notifications

New Features – GenGET

    • Added Site-level filtering to CMAF connections
    • Zone Aliases synchronized with GenWatch3


  • iVISTA – Fixed displayed end timestamp when manually closing SNMP alarms
  • iVISTA – Fixed subscriber filtering on temporary location & request GPS selectors
  • iVISTA – Fixed session timeout inconsistency between live and non-live pages
  • iVISTA – Site legend Icon no longer overlaps site alias on-site page
  • iVISTA – Importing places no longer unlinks site/subsite/coverage layers
  • GW – Alias – Site List shows longitude values in the correct column
  • GW – RSP25 – Allow multiple active connections for a system based on licensing
  • GW – Connect – IMW connection handles successful connection with insufficient permissions
  • GW – Connect – SNMP connection issue no longer prevents other connections from starting
  • GW – System Summary – Grid values are cleared when the option dialog is shown
  • GW – GenIIB – Password Can no longer be unmasked for database agents
  • GW – Radio selector form toggles checkboxes when double-clicked
  • GW – Resource updates messages are broadcast when relevant information changes
  • GET – Summary by Agency report performance and accuracy improvements

GenWatch3 2.17.15

New Features

  • New Activity page showing live packet feed
    • Save custom filter/column views for different diagnostic scenarios
    • Instant pause with export capability
  • New Channel page showing channel activity on sites
    • Detailed and Summary views
    • Drill down to Site specific page
  • MAP page updates
    • Simulcast sites can be displayed on the map
    • UEM layer merged into traffic layer
  • Resource Selectors exclude foreign resources by default
  • iVISTA website no longer requires a direct link to the GenWatch Server
  • Reporting Updates
    • New date range presets “24 Hours”, “7 Days”, “52 Weeks”
    • Zero Usage Report
      • New “Active Since” date parameter allows you to detect subscribers that have recently become inactive
      • Foreign subscribers removed from result set
    • Alias Information Report
      • Added Security Group column
  • Connect – Added support for IMW version 5.2.4
  • ATIA – Call timeout changed from 2 to 10 minutes
  • Channel – New option to prevent background data from showing a channel in constant use
  • Location – LRRP location data will report GPS update timestamp
  • Alias – Added a threshold to prevent unnecessary alias updates
  • ATIA
    • Zone level filtering added to CMAF
    • Subscriber and Talkgroup Aliases synchronized with GW3
  • SNMP
    • Architecture parse settings are now automatically pulled to the warehouse
    • DiMetra – Process data to identify devices within a UEM cluster


  • Ensure all received subscriber location updates are processed
  • SNMP Management page lists are sorted correctly
  • Running Subscriber Activity Details report via quick search no longer exceeds API call quota
  • SNMP refresh interval minimum set to 5 seconds to prevent map page errors
  • Column order maintained when running a report with a template selected
  • Fixed reporting filter for DT columns in Subscriber Last Activity Report
  • SNMP Management page no longer displays “No Devices” while devices are loading
  • Reporting DB role applied correct Security permission for the data warehouse
  • Map – Site coverage can be linked even if coverage has not been displayed yet.
  • OpenStreetMap can be used on the Breadcrumb report
  • CapMax – Map site widgets show correct Radio/Talkgroup count
  • Fixed reports downloading in Active Directory configuration
  • Allow for Channels up to 256
  • Chrome Instances Not Cleaned Up on Report Merger Failures Causing Report Download Failures
  • Alias importer handle duplicates and last names with apostrophes
  • Fixed IMW reconnect After IMW 5.2.3 failover
  • APM Frequency Overrides are used by the APM Module
  • Fixed missing Application ID in our response for IMW + GW_Location MUPS Client
  • Group’s Access Type is dynamically updated in alias
  • Removed Alias dropdown option for “TDMA/FDMA” for talkgroups
  • Fixed Sync failure for the GenwatchPresencePackets table caused by overflow
  • Fixed SDS Reports timestamp offset Issue to work like all other reports
  • Fixed error in KPI affiliation aggregation
  • Database Sync processes RIDAffilGroup and RIDAffilSite table records

GenWatch3 2.17.12

New Features

  • Affiliation/Group — Current Talkgroup Access Method Type displayed on group—based windows
  • Alias — IP Ranges can be imported and exported; Default IP ranges can be generated from the current architecture.
  • GenIIB — Added SSL option for secure connections
  • Connect/Trio — Update PMI protocol to support version 0760
  • CSV Export options added to lists in multiple modules
    • Activity — Pause screen
    • SAM — Suspect List, Suspect Hot List, Suspect History, Exempt List
    • Security: Current Users, User History
  • Dashboard — New Subscriber Access Type and Subscriber Access Type by Talkgroup widgets
  • Map — View subscribers by Access Method Type
  • Map — Site stats include Subscriber Access Type widget
  • Map — Site coverage configuration from the Map Page
  • New Reports
    • Summary By Agency
    • Total Airtime by Talkgroup
    • Conventional Subscriber Activity Details
    • Conventional Emergency Button Presses
    • Conventional Total Airtime by top xx Groups
    • Conventional PTT Activity
  • Updated Reports:
    • Talkgroup Activity Details — Added Talkgroup Access Type Column
    • Busies Over Time – Added Total Number of Resource Busies
  • Reports — Added a Parameters tab to downloaded Reports
  • Reports — Start/End Subscriber Range parameters disabled when not in use
  • Reports — Disabled System/RFSS/Site parameters now hidden
  • SNMP — New Clear All Active Alarms button on SNMP Alarms page
  • Security — Domain users can be preconfigured with roles and agencies
  • Various Improvements:
    • WACN/System selectors only populated with monitored and licensed values
    • “Banner Edit” link moved to the security menu
    • Lists are sorted appropriately throughout the site
    • Dashboard widgets have legends


  • Improved sync performance for New Aircall Records
  • Improved performance of KPI Import procedures
  • Improve TG Activity Details report performance
  • Fix Site Utilization GOS report performance issue
  • Reports with a blank value in the first cell download correctly
  • APM Module now displays subsite information correctly after refresh
  • Report Merger — Uses the correct data for charts in Site Use Summary
  • SAM does not flag a radio as Suspect based on a lat/long value 0,0
  • Site Up/Down events correctly update the Layer Status on the map
  • Alias only monitors sites with radio traffic
  • Subscriber ID limit in agency assignment corrected for ASTRO® 25 systems
  • Improved EGLView performance for large SNMP data customers
  • Improved Alarm Page device list loading for large SNMP data customers
  • Improved Coverage Map performance for 600 sites
  • Coverage Map updates colors consistently
  • Corrected permissions required for viewing agencies
  • Quick Search returns local timestamps
  • Agency reassignment dialog displays correct subscriber ID
  • Fixed delete behavior for agencies with resources assigned
  • Quick Search — Removed duplicate subscriber results
  • Fixed export of UEM Site Availability report w/ pivot enabled
  • Persist subscriber Age Style settings during upgrade
  • Breadcrumb report now ignores lat/long coordinates of 0,0

GenWatch3 2.17.10

New Features/Improvements

  • Map Coverage Layer
    • Displays up/down status as a layer on the map
      • SNMP Integration enhancements allow for this
    • Users can choose to show/hide System/Zone/Site/Subsite traffic
    • GUI configuration controls:
      • Separate opacity controls for up/down status
      • Color options for up/down status
  • Integration with Esri/ArcGIS
    • Displays Esri feature layer on map
    • Allows users to view available metadata by hovering/clicking
  • Improved column calculations to expedite report completion/downloads
  • Improvements to Agency and Security Group management in iVISTA
    • Reconfiguring via Security Group mode resets/removes previous Agency assignments; likewise, reconfiguring via Agency mode resets/removes previous Security Group assignments
    • Corrected inability to delete an Agency
    • Fixed an issue where Agency can be set as its own grandparent/child
    • Fixed some validation edge case issues
      • Consistency with displaying nested agencies
      • Consistency with the Save button being enabled/disabled
  • Improvements to the export of charts
  • Better performance times for long-term reports
  • Improved UX in iVISTA
    • Improved Site Utilization widget to be consistent with other widgets
    • Updated iVISTA legend to match GenWatch3’s Channel module
    • Improvements to “Toggle All” functionality on the user report permissions page
  • Improvements to maps GUI in iVISTA
    • Fixed validation on subscriber layer
    • Changed tile port on the map page to pull directly from the configuration
  • DIMETRA-specific:
    • Added error handling for Control Channel Utilization report
    • Improvements to integration with Terrafix
      • Added logic to assume UTC timestamps not local
      • Added logic to better handle packets received at or near midnight

GenWatch3 2.17.9

New Reports

  • UEM Channel Availability
  • Days of Radio Activity by ID

New Features/Improvements

  • Show simulcast subsites in GenWatch
    • Users can add/update subsite Resources in/into the Alias module.
  • Assign IP address/ranges to more Alias resources
    • Ability to assign IP ranges to each resource level
    • Ability to add IP address to zone, site, subsite, and channel
    • Ability to add DSR IP address to zone
  • Store security group information for radio IDs and talkgroups
  • iVISTA Agency Management via ATIA security groups
    • Map security group ID to an agency via the user interface
    • Subscribers automatically assigned to iVISTA agencies
  • Add support for special characters in Agency Name
    • Genesis supports the same special characters allowed by Motorola.
  • DiMetra iVISTA enhancements – control channel utilization
    • Control Channel Utilization information added to map widget
    • Error handling – critical % or warning % <0 or >100
  • DiMetra – Display Multiple Control Channels
    • GW3 Channel Module
    • iVISTA map site widgets
  • Terrafix AVL integration

Improvements to Reports

  • Call Activity report enhanced with:
    • Abnormal End of Call mode
    • Call duration parameters
  • iVISTA GET Report Improvements
    • Performance, data accuracy, and runtime improvements
    • Talkgroup-based reports are consistent in which ATIA call types are considered
    • Report Export process improved
      • Notifications are implemented when download limits are hit
      • Added configuration option to increase download limits
      • Aligned report download limits to match Excel limits
      • Exports with a pivot are now collapsed and include a new raw data tab. Improved chart export on large data sets
      • Included report name in the download file name
      • Added Help documentation for exported reports
    • Added TDMA talk path calculation to reports:
      • Subscriber Last Activity
      • Zero Usage
      • Site Registration Summary
      • Site Registrations Over Time
      • Talkgroup Affiliation Summary
      • Talkgroup Affiliations Over Time
      • Radio Activity Details
      • Talkgroup Activity Details
    • Added Subscriber ID Range options to various reports
    • Added “All” as a parameter set for Airtime by Radio ID and Talkgroup report
    • Modified some column names for clarity and fixed custom templates to migrate those changes
  • Agency Management Improvements
    • Ability to add single radios to agencies
    • Searchable by ID and Alias
    • Ability to move radio from one agency to another in one step
  • Consistency in the Call Types Considered for the Talkgroup Reports (some impact to report run times when the report returns more data due to clearer consideration of conventional data):
    • Airtime by Radio ID and Talkgroup
      • The results are significantly different with including conventional checked
        • This is due to call type 5 (Analog Conventional) now being considered and is expected.
    • Emergencies by Talkgroup Group Summary
      • Performance is the same and results are the same; however, the results are now ordered by fully qualified Group (previously unordered).
    • PTTs by Talkgroup by Site
      • The returned data in this report has changed because it no longer excludes conventional call types (as previously, even if the user opted to include conventional sites).
      • The report now uses the conventional sites parameter to filter conventional calls appropriately and always includes Group Data calls (no parameter for this option). The run time is longer due to having more calls to consider.
    • Report performance varies from previous versions of these reports due to returning more records as more conventional calls are considered:
      • Talkgroup Activity Details Interzone PTT Activity
      • Talkgroup Activity Details PTT Activity
      • Total Airtime Top XX Talkgroups by Hour
      • Talkgroup Usage by Day Hour of Week
      • Airtime by Radio ID and Talkgroup
  • Improved performance of GW_Alias taking a long time when GET_ATIA_2SQL connects
  • Improved GenWatch AutoUpgrader when the machine is missing prerequisites
  • Fixed issue with Subscriber Selector not returning expected results
  • Fixed issue with EGLView EventLog message categorization
  • Fixed issue GETSNMP2SQL EventLog spam
  • Fixed issue with sharing custom layers by Agency
  • Fixed issue with GET_SDS Licensing
  • Fixed issue with Traffic layer loading when Aeris API is inaccessible
  • Fixed issue with sending an email to a server without SSL/TLS
  • Fixed an issue where the subscriber selector search returned different results based on permissions
  • Removed outdated views from ATIA database

GenWatch3 2.17.7

New Features


  • A field indicating a Subscriber’s iVISTA assigned Agency was added to most GET reports
  • iVISTA allows users to email report results
  • New – Activities By Talkgroup By Site Over Time
  • Activities By Talkgroup By Site Over Time – added Emergency Info
  • New – Activities By Site Over Time
  • New – ISSI Activity
  • PTT Over Time report – enhanced with more granular data
  • ATIA Site Channel Summary report – slot column added
  • DIMETRA – Control Channel Utilization added to Channel Module
  • New – DIMETRA Control Channel Utilization Report
  • New – DIMETRA UEM Site Availability Report
  • Number of Sites, Channels, Groups, and Subscribers which can exist in Alias no longer limited
  • iVISTA/GET Enhanced UEM – entity name added
  • iVISTA map widget includes FDMA/TDMA subscriber property
  • iVISTA allows users to globally search for subscribers based on ID or Alias
  • iVISTA allows users to designate a page as the “favorite/home” page

Improvements and Fixes

  • iVISTA Addressed an issue where the Talkgroup range selector was not working properly on some browser zoom levels.
  • Addressed issue where Control Channel indicator would temporarily stop displaying on-site widgets
  • Improved Report performance
  • Improved visibility of iVISTA’s Resource Selectors with increased browser zoom levels
  • Addressed an issue where Calls and PTTs by Month Report’s start date were flooring incorrectly
  • Addressed a report export issue for Windows Authentication users
  • Addressed an issue where, in certain circumstances, mobility update packets did not update/add RadioIDs
  • Corrected an issue in GW3-TRBO’s Call Activity report to consistently display RSSI values
  • User notified and logs created when report download failures occur
  • Memory usage improvements in GW3-TRBO module for large systems
  • Performance Improvements in GenWatch3’s Alias: Subscriber Import

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