GenWatch3 v.

This GenWatch3® update is available at no charge for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. For support questions or to check the current status of your support and maintenance agreement, please contact Support.

Before installing on an ATIA-based system, the database will need to be updated. Genesis Support personnel will provide this service for customers who are up-to-date on their maintenance and support agreement. If applicable, please contact Support to schedule the update.

New Features

  • New ATIA Report — Activities by Talkgroup by Site over Time
  • New ATIA Report — Activities by Subscriber over Time
  • GET ATIA Airtime by Minute Report — Include conventional calls in results
  • UEM Site Availability Report now returns all known sites
  • GET CGF Reports — Improved report performance
  • GenWatch3 SysVista Module — Added option to exclude data calls from statistics
  • GenWatch3 KPI Module — Improved performance
  • GenWatch3 REST API — REST API requires SSL encryption
  • iVista website requires SSL encryption
  • iVista installer can now create a self-signed SSL certificate
  • Authentication server is now part of iVista
  • Improved performance of iVista dashboard


  • GET CGF Site Data Load Report — Fixed issue that could cause duplicate results
  • GET ATIA Alias Information Report — Fixed an issue that could potentially duplicate results
  • GET ATIA System Activity Report — Fixed an issue preventing Group Deaffiliations from appearing in results
  • Improved login error messaging for locked-out users
  • Security module Role names support same special characters as Active Directory
  • Fixed packet loss issue with P25 over the air connections
  • GenWatch3 and GW3-TRBO databases can now be hosted on the same SQL instance
  • GW and KPI databases now use SQL instance default collation
  • Improved object sorting in iVista
  • Fixed an issue preventing SNMP devices from being automatically assigned to system infrastructure
  • Improved map layer sharing in iVista
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with map balloon windows
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with map legend