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Report: Total Airtime Top XX Talkgroups

Total Airtime Top xx Talkgroups shows a list and chart of the total airtime usage (in minutes) of the top xx talkgroups. The number of talkgroups (xx) included in the report is user selected and can be displayed as a summary for the period, or by the hour.

Report: Busies Over Time

Busies Over Time shows a summary list, detailed list, and chart of the number of busy seconds by type as well as the number of busy seconds by hour for each site.

Report: Subscriber Activity Details

Subscriber Activity Details shows subscriber activity for selected Subscriber IDs or range of Subscriber IDs. Tabs are provided for PTT activity, emergencies, registrations, affiliations, subscriber rejects, and non-call-related events.

Report: Zero Usage

Zero Usage provides a list of Subscribers that have had no unit or no user activity in the selected period. One tab provides a list of radios that have had no unit activity, such as site registrations/de-registrations or group affiliations, and a tab that shows radios that have had unit activity but no user activity such as PTTs, emergency button presses, etc.

GenWatch3 2.17 Release

This much-anticipated release includes valuable functionality, such as our new reporting platform!

New GenWatch3 Reporting Platform

This webinar features a quick “before and after” demo, as well as highlights of some of our newer and/or more commonly used reporting options.