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GW3-TRBO Videos

GW3-TRBO for Capacity Max

Learn why pairing GW3-TRBO® with MOTOTRBO® Capacity Max will help you to bridge the gap between RF and IT from a total system management perspective. GW3-TRBO with Capacity Max will enable you to manage the clutter of system alarms as well as provide you with the ability to monitor system performance from anywhere.

Benefits of a GW3-TRBO Service Agreement

This video focuses on the value of Genesis Service Agreements for GW3-TRBO and all of the goodies packed within them. Looking to upgrade your GW3-TRBO to Capacity Max? Want access to the latest version of GW3-TRBO? Wondering what a Hardware Audit is? We answer these questions and more in this video!

GW3-TRBO Tips & Tricks: Part 1

A well-managed MOTOTRBO system requires comprehensive monitoring of all sites, repeaters, channels, slots, talkgroups, and subscribers to ensure minimal downtime. At-a-glance information within GW3-TRBO provides the ability for you to manage by exception, rather than one event at a time.

In this video, our experts review tips and tricks for the GW3-TRBO Activity, Affiliation, and Channel modules.

GW3-TRBO Tips & Tricks: Part 2

In part two of this service, we review tips and tricks for the GW3-TRBO Trigger, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Subscriber Access Manager (SAM), and System Map Modules. We also show you how to:
  • Create and set notifications on specific system activity
  • Customize KPI dashboards
  • Monitor and report on suspicious activity
  • View real-time status info for each repeater

AerisWeather Layer

There are so many map options to view alongside your radio traffic to paint a full picture of what is or is about to occur. Just another way in which GW3-TRBO helps you be more informed and proactive.

GW3-TRBO Reports

Do you find managing a MOTOTRBO system to be overwhelming at times? Are you looking for a trusted and simple solution with detailed reporting and analysis that will save you time? Then watch this video where our experts review the most frequently requested reports, such as Radios with Zero Usage, Radios Last Activity, and more.