Monitors response times to save time, lives, property and money

In an emergency every second counts. PULSE is an advanced vehicular tracking system that optimizes response times, helping first responders fulfill compliance agreements, cut costs, and most importantly, save lives and property.

PULSE alerts its users upon detecting service that does not meet set standards. PULSE then provides administrators and review boards with comprehensive data for constant improvement analysis.

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“Pulse lets us display our system in real time as well as replay and report on demand!”

Brian Eells, Communications Director
Sunstar EMS, Pinellas County, FL

Deployment Method

PULSE is a server-hosted deployment in conjunction with local databases at each dispatch center.

Data Input

PULSE connects to a variety of CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems. PULSE can also use data feeds from products such as MARVLIS™ and ZOLL® (GPS). Information can come to PULSE from CAD systems or directly from various AVL software packages.

Data flow diagram