Genesis Operations Bridge

Features Overview

  • Provides a single pane of glass view across a multi-technology, multi-vendor network. There is no need to monitor multiple systems. All major network components are consolidated:
    • Radios
    • Backhaul network
    • CEN networks
    • Voice loggers
    • Other servers and applications
  • Cleans up the event stream by consolidating, correlating and automating alarms. Duplicates are eliminated and short outages and events are suppressed. Trouble tickets are generated automatically. Event processes are enriched with external data to provide additional information.
  • Provides a better visualization of the network:
    • Hierarchal views can be customized to suit the customer
    • Displays plain English descriptions
    • Geographic views using Google Maps™ layers
  • Monitors and measures Service Level Agreement compliance over time.
  • Manages scheduled downtime maintenance without affecting SLA compliance. Configuration Items (CIs), such as base radios, routers, site controllers, and other hardware can be selected from site wide down to a specific device. A wizard-driven interface makes the process function smoothly.
  • The flexible web interface enables access from any location.
Sales Help
  • Increases operator efficiency with a single focal point for fault management
  • More effective prioritization of fault response activities
  • Reduced fault duration due to more rapid triage and root cause analysis
  • Shorter outage duration due to real-time escalation
  • Reduction in administrative overhead associated with preventative maintenance conditions
  • Resources are focused on addressing issues that impact critical services