Genesis Trio

Billing, Reporting, Subscriber Management

Genesis Trio is a comprehensive Windows®-based customer care and billing solution designed specifically for the needs of owners and operators of two-way radio systems.

Trio helps manage and bill all of the many details associated with ASTRO® 25, Dimetra, MOTOTRBO™, P25 and LTE* systems. Trio collects individual usage information — such as telephone, group calls, and private calls — and turns raw usage into billable usage by user-established rules. Trio interfaces seamlessly with SAP® Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel®, and its intuitive setup wizards make radio configuration simple. Trio can go from contract to invoice for most wireless communications systems.

Altogether, Trio is the most effective solution for:

  • Provisioning*
  • Billing
  • Client Care
  • Accounting
  • Market and Traffic Analysis


* Contact Genesis for details.

As powerful modular enhancements of GenWatch3® and GW3-TRBO®, Trio accurately manages, reports, and invoices on systems of any size. Exclusive to the two-way radio industry, Trio is engineered specifically for ASTRO 25, Dimetra, MOTOTRBO, P25 and PS-LTE systems. It collects information from ATIA and Control Channel ports. Trio encompasses many more unique and powerful features, some of which include:

  • Manages all fleets, agencies, departments, regions, subscribers, talkgroups, and more
  • Provides a visual inventory of radios
  • Configures ranges of IDs and talkgroups for selected customers
  • Manages billing with rate plans and service plans
  • Built-in inventory, accounts receivable, payment processing, and more


Genesis Trio offers the two-way communications industry an affordable mid-tier Windows-based billing, reporting, and subscriber management solution. Pound for pound, Trio adds up to an incomparable value, making it the best choice for CC&B software.

Very few companies offer billing and management software for two-way radio systems. Only Genesis has created a billing system specifically tailored for use on ASTRO 25, Dimetra, MOTOTRBO, P25 and PS-LTE networks.

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Billing is the main module around which all others are connected. It contains all of the AR, invoicing, and customer support and management features. Trio stores and organizes large amounts of data in order to bill and manage customers and radio systems efficiently and effectively.

Trio Modules

At Genesis, we are crazy about statistics. Trio Reports have endless customization options, yet they appear in a way that makes sense to users of all expertise levels. Trio interfaces seamlessly with familiar tools, such as SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel. Databases are driven in Microsoft SQL format for simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Trio’s database schema is available upon request, providing the flexibility to create custom interfaces for integration with other software or write custom reports without assistance from Genesis.