GenIIB – Genesis Interoperability Information Broker


Genesis Interoperability Information Broker

Opens the door to a world of virtually unlimited interoperability

GenIIB — Genesis Interoperability Information Broker — is the main integration point between the Genesis Suite of network management, reporting and billing products, and third-party applications. GenIIB allows completely disparate systems to interact with one or more of the systems already connected to one or more Genesis products.

GenIIB includes a programming API that can be used by third-party external devices or software programs to pull live or stored information from the Genesis database and push customer-driven information or instructions back to those systems and into that database as well.

GenWatch3 Alerts
GenWatch3 Alerts

Features At A Glance

Genesis tools are already connected to Motorola networks. GenIIB ties all of this information together for powerful analytical reporting. When connected to third-party applications through the GenIIB API, this hub of communications will continue to expand to:

  • Asset Management systems
  • Mobile VPN servers
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Radioshop Management software
  • Network Diagnostic Tools
  • Consoles
  • Voice Recorders
  • Data Loggers
  • Whatever your imagination can create!

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