Splits, filters and distributes two-way communications data

GenSPOut (Genesis Specified Packet Output) splits complex trunking network data, filters, and distributes it to its desired destinations. It is a powerful specialty module for GenWatch3® for ASTRO® 25 systems, as well as GW3-TRBO® for MOTOTRBO® systems. GenSPOut formats decoded Control Channel or ATIA data and passes it to a variety of external devices, such as specialized CAD systems, consoles, voice recorders, alarm devices, and more!

Note: Not all GenSPOut output packets are available from all input sources. Contact Genesis for full details.

GenWatch3 for ASTRO 25

Features At A Glance

Because of its unique filtering and distribution capabilities, GenSPOut is an extremely useful tool for voice recorders, console manufacturers, and CAD vendors. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Send data about only a selected talkgroup to a printer, display, voice recorder, database, or COM port.
  • Send data about only calls that happen on a selected channel or channels to a printer, screen, voice recorder, or database.
  • Filter out extraneous/unwanted Control Channel or ATIA data and send the core call information to a voice recorder or database that is attached to the trunking system.
  • Send radio ID and radio call information to a CAD system.
  • Create a large display in a dispatch center that only displays when certain people turn their radios on (affiliate).

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