This update applies to GW3-TRBO® for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ systems only. Use of this update on any system other than GW3-TRBO for MOTOTRBO will result in unrecoverable loss of data. Installation of this update will require an updated license file from Genesis Support.

New Features

  • Added MOTOTRBO PCR 2.8 compatibility
  • GenWatch3 KPI Module — Improved performance
  • GenWatch3 REST API — REST API requires SSL encryption
  • Consider FCC Signal Interference alarms when calculating ATBs
  • Update IP Site Connect call processing logic
  • Integrated TRBOSkyView into iVista
  • TRBOSkyView now supports CapacityPlus Multi-site systems
  • Track RSSI information for calls in CapacityPlus, CapacityPlus Multi-site, and CapacityMax
  • Added integration with SmartPTT for GPS data
  • Added integration with neoTerra for GPS data
  • Added RSSI coverage map to iVista website
  • iVista website requires SSL encryption
  • iVista installer can now create a self-signed SSL certificate
  • Authentication server is now part of iVista
  • Improved performance of iVista dashboard


  • Fixed an issue preventing RSSI information from being archived
  • Provisioning page in iVista now defaults to the subscriber tab
  • GW3TRBO data warehouse properly pulls all appropriate tables
  • SysSummary module now properly counts private calls
  • GenWatch3 and GW3-TRBO databases can now be hosted on the same SQL instance
  • GW and KPI databases now use SQL instance default collation
  • Fixed duplication issue in Affiliation module
  • Improved object sorting in iVista