GW3-TRBO Update Notes

GW3-TRBO Release Notes

This update applies to GW3-TRBO® for Motorola MOTOTRBO® systems only. Use of this update on any system other than GW3-TRBO for MOTOTRBO will result in unrecoverable loss of data. Installation of this update will require an updated license file from Genesis Customer Support.

GW3-TRBO 2.23.5

New Features

  • Dynamic Site Markers provide a real-time visualization of site statistics
  • User session timeout can be configured per user instead of server-wide
  • User sessions no longer expire at different times based on which pages are loaded
  • User session timeout can be disabled for any user except the initial administrator account

Improvements and Fixes

  • Throttle batch commands for TRBO to ensure each command is processed
  • SQL Express redistributable version updated to 2022

GW3-TRBO 2.17.5

New Features

  • A new report is available: Activities by Site Over Time

Improvements and Fixes

  • Emergency call information has been added to the following reports:
    • Activities by Talkgroup Over Time
    • Activities by Talkgroup by Site Over Time

GW3-TRBO 2.17.4

New Features

  • Aeris weather layers are available in iVista
  • GW3-TRBO can process presence information from the following system types:
    • CapMax via CMSS connection
    • CapacityPlus via DDMS connection

Improvements and Fixes

  • GW3-TRBO supports unicode characters for radio, talkgroup, site, and channel aliases
  • Data revert repeaters that are repurposed as voice repeaters are properly identified as voice repeaters

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