GW3-TRBO v.2.16.10

This update applies to GW3-TRBO® for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ systems only. Use of this update on any system other than GW3-TRBO for MOTOTRBO will result in unrecoverable loss of data. Installation of this update will require an updated license file from Genesis Support.

New Features

  • GW3-TRBO is now compatible with MOTOTRBO 2.10
  • GW3-TRBO is now a 64-bit application
  • GW3-TRBO now supports SQL Server 2017
  • GW3-TRBO now supports Windows Server 2019
  • TRBO SkyView is now incorporated into iVista
  • Site statistic widgets have been added to the iVista map page
  • A map tile server is now included during installation for customers without internet access

Improvements and Fixes

  • GW3-TRBO now has global timeout for subscriber affiliations
  • iVista map tile server port is now configurable
  • iVista tile server no longer replaces map tiles upon upgrade
  • Improvements to the TRBO provisioning page in iVista
  • Improvements to site statistic widgets on the iVista map
  • Improvements to the communication between GW3-TRBO and iVista
  • Improvements to the reconnect logic for RDAC peers