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Customer Case Study: Loudoun County, VA

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Loudoun County, Virginia, a progressive county of 519 square miles with rapidly growing communities, is the fourth fastest-growing in the United States, according to the 2010 census. As part of the Washington Metro Area, Loudoun County shares the Motorola ASTRO 7.11 trunked radio system with three other town and neighboring community colleges. The system has one nine-site zone with 2,400 subscribers, managed by a technical support team.

At the 2001 APCO show, Genesis displayed products with monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities. The one-of-a-kind software, the ability to secure real-time data, and the diagnostic capability of Genesis software tools impressed Loudoun County radio System Administrators. They quickly recognized no commercial off-the-shelf software existed as a radio network enterprise tool to deliver critical information to support system operations. A partnership with Genesis began when Loudoun County administrators concluded that Genesis could develop the diagnostic software the growing county needed.

Throughout its partnership with Loudoun County, Genesis has implemented additional system enhancements, including IV&D solutions. Today, Loudoun County acts as a showcase radio system in the Washington Metro Area for Genesis and Motorola — both of whom bring in customers to visit and observe. Also, the additional reporting capabilities initially created for Loudoun County have enhanced the networks of radio systems worldwide.

“The Genesis products have created an easy and reliable partnership because of their capability to develop state-of-the-art and next-generation products as technology evolves. In fact, we use these reports daily to diagnose and troubleshoot system problems.”

— Gary McKelvey, Public Safety Communications Systems Supervisor with the Department of Information Technology for Loudoun County

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