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Champion EMS Speaks out on PULSE with Waze Integration

Our newest customer, Champion EMS, based in Longview, TX chose Genesis PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch, its Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel, and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration. The value of the PULSE solution became immediately visible.

On the final day of the Genesis PULSE product implementation into our emergency call center, the Waze integration feature had just been activated for us. Within twenty minutes, while our eastern service area system status controller (SSC) was monitoring PULSE, she noticed numerous Waze-reported traffic accident icons along a busy section of Interstate 20. No formal call had been received by our personnel to this point but one of our ambulances was strategically placed nearby anticipating a request for an EMS response.

Eleven minutes passed from the time the first Waze notification had been received before a formal request for EMS was received by our call center. Due to the strategic placement of our unit, the crew was able to arrive within three and a half minutes as opposed to an average response to this area being closer to fifteen minutes.

We immediately became a firm believer of what the PULSE product can and will do for our organization, allowing us to reduce response times and potentially save more lives.

— Teri Best, Chief Communications Officer
Champion EMS

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