Genesis PULSE

Advanced vehicular tracking system

Monitors response times to save lives, property and money


Genesis PULSE Live displays unit and incident data on Google Maps™ to aid in efficiently dispatching units to avoid potential response penalties. PULSE with Waze integration provides first responders not only with current road conditions, but real-time, turn-by-turn navigation.

PULSE Replay

PULSE Replay allows for supervisors and administrators to evaluate calls — from single-unit to system-wide — to verify the closest, most appropriate unit was assigned or diverted to a response.

PULSE Reporting

PULSE Reporting provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and on-demand reports which deliver real-time feedback on the health of a system or individual contract areas. This allows for supervisors to make appropriate changes right away in service areas where compliance may be borderline.

PULSE — Full Demo

PULSE is an advanced vehicular tracking system that optimizes response times, helping first responders fulfill compliance agreements, cut costs, and most importantly, save lives and property.