Solutions to enhance two-way communications networks


HPD and IV&D Enhancement

Forensic IV&D and HPD Reporting

The Genesis HPD Enhancement captures data and site usage with in-depth reports, fulfilling ASTRO® 25 operators’ need to perform detailed analysis of usage activity on the Motorola Data Network. GenWatch3-DATA reports on data and usage on IV&D and HPD networks.


UEM Enhancement

Detailed analysis on the Motorola Unified Event Manager

The Genesis UEM Enhancement views the health of a system’s hardware, then analyzes trends that might not be evident with the snapshot view from the ASTRO 25 Unified Event Manager. It receives UEM traps through a connection to the North Bound Interface and archives every scrap of data into MS SQL databases for as long as desired.

EGLView for UEM

EGLView maximizes the sophisticated mapping power of Google™ Earth to provide a powerful yet cost-effective visual enhancement to the Genesis UEM solution. Graphical representations of towers appear according to their geophysical locations on the map.


OLS/UNS Enhancement

Monitor, manage, archive & report on the ASTRO 25 Location Tracking Solution

Like other Motorola tools, the OLS/UNS performs a specific task with rock-solid reliability, but its reporting capacity only covers a very brief period of time. The Genesis OLS/UNS Enhancement extends the functionality of the Motorola ASTRO 25 Outdoor Locator Solution (OLS) and Motorola Universal Processing Server (UNS) in several ways. It connects to the Motorola Universal Processing Server (UNS) as a fully qualified client and integrates every bi-directional UNS report, request and answer (i.e. message) with the ASTRO 25 radio and data traffic for long-term forensic reporting. Its built-in client interface processes individual or batch OLS commands. Push notifications on critical location or telemetry changes are sent via the GenWatch3 Trigger module.

EGLView for OLS

EGLView maximizes the sophisticated mapping power of Google Earth to provide a powerful yet cost-effective visual enhancement to the Genesis OLS/UNS solution. Graphical representations of subscriber units appear according to their geophysical locations on the map.


ATIA Replay

Like a DVR for a two-way communications network

ATIA Replay makes it possible to revisit chosen moments in time, as selected from data sets in the SQL database. Familiar controls, such as play, pause, rewind and fast-forward give the user complete control of data playback. Looping data in ATIA Replay is simply a matter of choosing a start and end time. Action can also be sped up or slowed down, if needed.



High efficiency solution for MCC 7500 Consoles

GADI™ — Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface — enhances the standard features in the Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Console to improve dispatcher efficiency and increase officer safety. It maximizes efficiency by providing a centralized location to manage emergency and private calls with just a few mouse clicks. GADI allows easy access to defining Patch Groups and Private Calls, preventing Unattended Emergencies.



Genesis Interoperability Information Broker

GenIIB — Genesis Interoperability Information Broker — is the main integration point between the Genesis Suite of network management, reporting and billing products and third party applications. GenIIB allows completely disparate systems to interact with one or more of the systems already connected to one or more Genesis products.


PMI Enhancement

Simple remote provisioning through the Motorola Provisioning Manager

The Genesis Provisioning Manager Enhancement makes it possible for simple remote provisioning through the Motorola PMI and synchronization with third-party asset management and accounting software. With one intuitive interface, securely exchange information across multiple applications.


APM Enhancement

Remote monitoring, archiving & reporting on the RFI Advanced Power Monitor

Genesis performance management solutions are modular and have the ability to provide a comprehensive view of much more than just the APM. On ASTRO 25, Dimetra, MOTOTRBO and SMARTNET systems, Genesis correlates call activity, busies, system health, and a vast amount of additional data, along with RF power information from the APM. This means system owners have an unparalleled view of the user’s call experience from multiple angles.



Subscriber Access Manager — helps identify and eliminate cloned radios

CloneWatch (SAM — Subscriber Access Manager) is a powerful add-on tool to Genesis’ industry-standard performance management solutions GenWatch3 (for ASTRO 25, Dimetra and 3600 networks) and GW3-TRBO® (for MOTOTRBO). It identifies and helps eliminate the threat of cloned radios.

CloneWatch monitors resources (groups and radios) for suspicious activity. A suspect is a resource (radio ID or group) that breaks a predefined rule or expected behavior. Suspect resources are added to a list where the suspect’s activities are then displayed and recorded in detail.



Splits, filters and distributes two-way communications data

GenSPOut™ (Genesis Specified Packet Output) splits complex trunking network data, filters and distributes it to its desired destinations. It is a powerful specialty module for GenWatch3 for ASTRO 25 and 3600 systems, as well as GW3-TRBO for MOTOTRBO systems. GenSPOut formats decoded Control Channel or ATIA data and passes it to a variety of external devices, such as specialized CAD systems, consoles, voice recorders, alarm devices, and more!

Note: Not all GenSPOut output packets are available from all input sources. Contact Genesis for full details.


Genesis Trio

Billing, Reporting, Subscriber Management

Genesis Trio is a comprehensive Windows®-based customer care and billing solution designed specifically for the needs of owners and operators of two-way radio systems.

Trio helps manage and bill all of the many details associated with ASTRO 25, Dimetra, MOTOTRBO, and LTE systems. Trio collects individual usage information — such as telephone, group calls, and private calls — and turns raw usage into billable usage by user-established rules. Trio interfaces seamlessly with SAP® Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel®, and its intuitive setup wizards make radio configuration simple. Trio can go from contract to invoice for most wireless communications systems.